Apply to Invoice Detail Tab

This tab allows you to apply funds to specific line items in an invoice.

Apply to Invoice Detail tab definitions:





A unique number assigned to identify each vendor/organization as a customer.


The invoice number.


A list of all open invoices. Use it to select a different invoice to apply funds to.

Invoice Number/Billing Date

The invoice number and billing date for the invoice you are viewing.

Invoice Header/Customer Name

The invoice header and customer name for the invoice you are viewing.

Open Amount/Total

The total open amount for this invoice.

Amount Applied to Invoice

The amount that will be applied to the line item on this invoice.



An alphanumeric value that uniquely identifies the chart that is associated with the billing of the customer invoice.


The revenue account from the original invoice.

Item Desc

The description of the line item on the invoice

Item Total Amount

The total amount of the line item.

Item Open Amount

The total open amount of line item

Apply Amount

The amount that will be applied to this line item from the payment application e-doc.

Apply Full Amount

Check the box if the full unpaid amount for the line item will be paid from this Payment Application document.


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