Ledger Balance Importing Tab

The Ledger Balance Importing tab allows a user to enter criteria to search for the Labor Ledger record that needs to be corrected.

Description: Wor2307

Ledger Balance Importing tab definitions:




Fiscal Year


Required. Defaults to the current fiscal year. Override the fiscal year if desired or search for it from the Fiscal Year lookup Description: searchicon.



Required. Enter the chart code or search for it from the Chart lookup Description: searchicon.



Required. Enter the account number or search for it from the Account lookup Description: searchicon.



Optional. Enter the sub-account number or search for it from the Sub-Account lookup Description: searchicon.

1.     Enter the required fiscal year, chart, account and, if desired, the sub-account and/or employee ID. Click Description: buttonsmall_search.

The system displays the Ledger Balance Lookup for Benefit Expense Transfer Document screen. Balances are displayed by accounting string and accounting period.

2.     Make changes to the selection criteria as necessary and click Description: buttonsmall_search again.

Search results are displayed beneath the lookup fields.

3.     From the results, select one or more months to correct by clicking the appropriate check boxes.

4.     Choose from among these options:

      Click Description: buttonsmall_selectall to select all check boxes in the Select? column.

      Click Description: buttonsmall_unselall to clear all check boxes in the Select? column.

      Click  to return to the previous screen without making selections.

      Click Description: buttonsmall_retselected after making your selections to populate the From section of the Accounting Lines tab.


Accounting Lines Tab