Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at a typical session?

University Finance Fundamentals aims to be an engaging experience for the attendees and the presenters. The length of each session varies depending on the topic being presented, but generally will last 1.5-2 hours. 

This is intended to be a safe space where you can ask questions and become more confident in the areas that the Controller's Office has expertise. Our subject matter experts are available to answer any questions you may have.

Is this conference only offered on the IUB campus?

Up to 25 participants may join us in-person for sessions on the Bloomington campus. Unfortunately, we will not be offering in-person sessions on other campuses. 

However, participants from other campuses are able to attend sessions via a Zoom meeting room. Online participants will hear the same presentations as in-person participants and are encouraged to ask questions and participate in activities.

How will online attendees interact during the session?

Online attendees will join the meeting via Zoom, IU's web collaboration tool. For more information on Zoom, refer to the instructions on the IU Knowledge Base.

Online attendees will submit questions using the chat feature and answer polling prompts throughout the session. The FMS Training team will monitor the Zoom meeting room and share any questions with the speaker so they may be addressed.

My department would like to attend remotely as a group. How do we go about that?

We're excited you will be attending as a group! Only one member of your department needs to register for the session. When registering, please make a note that you will be attending as a group. The FMS Training team will contact you after the session for a list of group attendees.

Zoom meeting rooms can be accessed from any computer which meet the minimum system requirements. For more information on Zoom, refer to the instructions on the IU Knowledge Base

Zoom can be accessed by Video Bridge equipment. For information on accessing Zoom using Video Bridge equipment, please review this Knowledge Base article. Always check with your local IT service provider prior to the session to ensure you have access to compatible equipment.

We strongly recommend testing the Zoom software prior to the start of the session to avoid any technical issues.

Am I required to attend every session?

No - you are able to attend as many sessions as you would prefer. We would love to see you at each of our UFF offerings, but attendance of each session is not mandatory.

Attending every session provides a good overall view of finance at Indiana University and the Controller's Office and its functions. If you are able to attend every session we would encourage you to do so, but we know you're busy!

I'd like to attend every session. Can I register for all of them at once?

Unfortunately, no. Because these sessions are offered individually, you will need to register for each individual session. There is no option to register for all UFF sessions at once at this time.

Is there a cost associated with attending this conference?

There is no charge for attendance to this conference.

Is University Finance Fundamentals (UFF) the same thing as the Fiscal Officer Development Series (FODS)?

The Fiscal Officer Development Series (FODS) is a professional development program designed for fiscal officers and other professional staff and includes exposure to many functional areas within University Administration. FODS participants engage in activities that help build and improve personal and management skills in the context of their accounting and finance responsibilities.

University Finance Fundamentals (UFF) can be considered as an orientation to key functional areas involved with finance at the university, which includes Financial Management Services and the University Budget Office, with a focus on their interdependent performance relationships with UFF participants and their departments, and how their business practices and transactional decisions impact the overall financial health of Indiana University. UFF is a training program that is available to any employee with accounting and finance responsibilities – including support staff. It is more technical in nature than FODS, but more discussion-based and much less technical than the traditional systems (KFS, HRMS Payroll, Time, IUIE) training offered by FMS.