Regional Training

Regional staff may enroll in and complete the following online self-study trainings 24/7:

The following trainings are offered in webinar format (register here):

  • Getting Started with KFS
  • Common KFS Documents
  • Introduction to Financial Reports
  • KFS Balance Inquiries
  • IUIE Financial Reports
  • Standard Monthly Reports
  • Disbursement Vouchers Part 1
  • Disbursement Vouchers Part 2

Additional questions may be directed to campus training coordinators:


Contact Person


East   Star Johnson KFS, General Accounting
Kim Ladd Faculty Payroll
Nancy Beaman Non-faculty Payroll
Duretta Calahan Payroll
IUPUI  Kaycia Myers KFS, General Accounting
Kokomo   Michelle Bosworth HR, Payroll
Sarah Sarber Affirmative Action, EEO Compliance
Jared Hayman KFS, General Accounting
Northwest Terri Chance KFS, General Accounting
Krista Grant KFS, General Accounting
South Bend Kathleen Pizaña  
Southeast Sarah Ruff