Parking and Transportation


When planning to attend a training in Poplars, please allow extra time to locate and travel from a parking spot. All parking spots require either a valid IU permit or payment. Parking validation is not available within Poplars.

There are approximately fourteen IU parking garages and surface lots available within a quarter-mile radius of Poplars. Use Parking Operations' Interactive Parking Map for a complete list.

Employees with EM-P permits can park in the Poplars Garage, the entrance to which is located on Sixth Street, between Grant and Dunn Streets. The Poplars Garage is not available to drivers without EM-P permits.

EM-S parking spots are occasionally available in the surface lots between Indiana and Dunn Streets.

Drivers can pay by cash or credit to park in the Henderson Garage, located on Fess Avenue between Atwater Avenue and Third Street. Refer to the Parking Operations website for rates.

Additionally, six metered spaces are available in the IU lot at Sixth and Dunn streets.

Alternatively, metered on-street parking, managed by the City of Bloomington, is available throughout downtown Bloomington, including on the streets surrounding Poplars.

Bus Routes

Poplars is accessible by bus from many parts of both the IUB campus and the city of Bloomington. Both Bloomington Transit and the Campus Bus Service stop anywhere from one to four blocks from Poplars. IU staff are eligible to ride either Bloomington Transit or Campus Bus Service free of charge. Use the DoubleMap website or app (iOS, Android) to track where your bus is along its route.

Bike Racks

Covered bike racks are located on the north side of the Poplars Garage ground floor. Open-air bike racks are located on the west side of Poplars.