Kuali Financial System (KFS) Document Super Approval

If a user in the KFS routing chain is unavailable to approve a time sensitive document, that document may be eligible for "super approval." This process can bypass a single action request in the document routing.

*Warning: If the payment is to a foreign entity there may be a 30% tax-withholding requirement; which is payable to the IRS. The requesting department is responsible for any under withheld tax.

Before requesting super approval, consider the alternatives below.

Alternatives to Requesting a Super Approval

Primary Delegate is unable to approve a document:

Fiscal Officers can use the delegations drop-down menu in their KFS action list to approve a document out of their primary delegate’s inbox.

Fiscal Officer and Primary Delegate are unable to approve a document:

Review the account to see if a Secondary Delegate was set up prior to the routing of the document. You may also reference the document's route log, and click "show" on the Account Node (fiscal officer/delegate action request) for secondary delegation assignments. Any Secondary Delegate for the account and doc type can access their Fiscal Officer's and Primary Delegate's action lists to review and approve documents.

PCDO is sitting in the primary delegate’s action list:

Fiscal Officer or secondary delegates can access the PCDO using the delegations drop-down menu and edit / approve the PCDO that is enroute. Reminder: PCDOs will auto-approve 60 days after the create date. If the PCDO is auto-approved with incorrect accounting, you may initiate a GEC to correct the accounting entries.

Request Super Approval

In order for a document to be "super approved," there must be exposure to significant repercussions for the university. Examples include legal, reputational, or personal implications for the recipient of the funds. FMS understands that unusual circumstances arise, so special requests will be considered. If the alternatives listed above are not available, you may submit your request for super approval using the following steps.

Note:  submission of a request does not guarantee super approval will occur.

Step 1

  • Compose an email requesting super approval. Include an explanation as to why the approval is needed and what the ramifications are if the document is not approved in the requested time frame.

Step 2

  • Send the email request to the appropriate representative for your campus: