As one of the most complex KFS documents, the disbursement voucher (DV) may involve policies and procedures from multiple IU offices, including Purchasing, Travel Management Services, FMS Accounts Payable, and University Tax Services. This DV Dashboard simplifies your search for support resources like procedural documentation, quick guides, and video tutorials.

DV Certification DV Certification You must obtain DV Certification in order to initiate DVs. Find the certification requirements here.
DV General Guidelines DV General Guidelines Basic information on the purpose and appropriate use of DVs. Includes payment reason descriptions, object code restrictions, and information on reportable (taxable) object codes.
Vendor Records Vendor Records Read about the various vendor record types, how to search for vendor records, and how to create new records.
Foreign Vendor Payments Foreign Vendor Payments Special instructions for paying foreign vendors.
Payment Methods Payment Methods Information on check/ACH, foreign draft, and wire transfer payment methods.
Supporting Documentation Supporting Documentation Instructions for collecting, submitting and retaining DV supporting documentation.
DV Routing DV Routing Standard routing structure for DVs and how to read the route log.
Reports Reports KFS and IUIE reports to help you track DV status, supporting documentation submission, and vendor ACH authorization.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Most frequently asked DV questions are answered here.