**UPDATED JULY 22, 2019** Critical Data Training is discontinued until further notice.


Critical Data in KFS Training

In light of the ever-increasing challenges IU faces in the area of appropriately securing institutional and personal data, Financial Management Services (FMS) staff is committed to preventing the inappropriate disclosure of critical data through the Kuali Financial System (KFS).

Critical data inappropriately entered in KFS places the identities and finances of IU students, employees, and vendors at risk. Furthermore, critical data inappropriately entered in KFS exposes IU to financial loss, legal liability, and reputational harm. Although it is possible to scrub critical data from unsecure fields in KFS, there is no guarantee that FMS staff can quickly identify and remove every instance of unprotected critical data in KFS.

As a result, FMS leadership is determined to mitigate cyber risks and administrative overhead associated with critical data exposure by providing all KFS users with mandatory training about critical data and where it does and does not belong in KFS. Therefore, as of Monday, December 4, 2017, FMS will require all KFS users to complete the 30-minute online training, Critical Data in KFS. Additionally, all KFS users will be expected to complete the Critical Data in KFS training on an annual basis. KFS users who let their Critical Data in KFS training certification lapse will have their KFS access revoked.

Enrollment Instructions

  1. Go to the course listing in IU Expand.
  2. Click the blue “ENROLL” button.
  3. You will be prompted to log into IU Expand with your IU credentials if you have not already done so.
  4. Once you are logged into IU Expand, click “Enroll in Course.”
  5. Select “Go to your Dashboard.”
  6. Locate the Critical Data in KFS 2018-19 course in your list of In Progress courses.
  7. Click the blue “Begin Course” button.
  8. Critical Data in KFS 2018-19 will open in Canvas. Follow the instructions on the course’s homepage to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this training take me to complete?

Most users complete the Critical Data in KFS training in around 30 minutes.

Do I have to complete the training in one sitting?

No, you do not. Canvas will save your progress if you get interrupted.

I began the training, but have not completed it. How can I get back to where I left off?

Click the blue "Go To Course" button beside the Critical Data in KFS listing in your IU Expand dashboard. Once in the training, scroll down and click the "Start the Training Now" link. Click the "Next" button in the lower right corner of each page to skip over the section(s) of the training you have already completed.

How can I tell if I've completed the training?

If you've completed the training, following this link will generate your Certificate of Completion. Alternatively, you can find the Critical Data in KFS training, including an option to download your Certificate of Completion, listed in your IU Expand Student Dashboard list of Completed courses. You will need to CAS authenticate to access either of these options.

An employee in my department has, but no longer needs, KFS access. Can I remove them from the system?

Yes, you can. Use a System User Role document to deactivate their KFS user status. Refer to this document for more information about how to use the System User Role document.

Will new KFS users still need to complete the Access to Institutional Data and Information Technology Resources Acceptable Use Agreement in addition to completing this training?

Yes. All KFS users must have a signed Acceptable Use Agreement on file. Reading and signing the Agreement, however, is part of the Critical Data in KFS training, so departments should no longer direct new KFS users directly to the Agreement.

When it's time for me to recertify, will I receive a reminder next year when I need to take the training again?

Absolutely! Depending on how long you wait to recertify, you may receive as many as three email reminders: one from E Training and two from FMS.

What if I forget to take the Critical Data in KFS training again next year?

The Critical Data in KFS certification is only valid for one year. If you have not completed the Critical Data in KFS training within the past year, your access to KFS will be revoked.

I let my KFS access lapse and now I need to process an urgent transaction in KFS. Can you restore my KFS access temporarily?

Unfortunately, no. All KFS users must have completed the Critical Data in KFS training within the last year. You can complete the training and then ask your department to request KFS user access on your behalf. New users are typically granted KFS access within 1-2 business days of the initial request.

I'm a Fiscal Officer and would like to run a report to see who in my department has and has not completed the training. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, no. At this time, FMS does not have a report to offer to departmental representatives who would like to monitor the training status of their staff. We encourage you to establish an internal tracking system within your department, such as collecting Certificates of Completion from your staff and tracking their expiration date in a spreadsheet.

I have access to some documents in KFS. Why do I need to complete this training?

All IU staff and faculty members are granted selected default permissions in KFS. Some of those permissions include:

  • Receive an Ad Hoc'ed FYI and/or Acknowledge.
  • Initiate and submit a Requisition.
  • Search for an existing Vendor Record.
  • Initiate and submit a new Vendor Record.
  • Add notes to a Purchase Order document.
  • Delegate a Travel Arranger.
  • Edit the user's TEM Profile.
  • Initiate and submit Travel Reimbursements and Travel Authorizations.

If your job duties require that you have access to additional parts of KFS, you will need to complete the Critical Data in KFS training.

Do I need KFS access to process Effort Certification documents?

No. If an Effort Certification document is routed to you, you will be able to process the document by virtue of receiving the action request for the document.

What will I be able to do in KFS after I complete the Critical Data in KFS training and my department requests KFS access on my behalf?

Some examples what a user can do who has been added to the KFS user role include:

  • Initiate and submit most Financial Processing documents, with the exception of Financial Processing documents that require additional training or special permissions.
  • Search for and view most Financial Processing documents.
  • Conduct General Ledger and Labor Balance Inquiries.
  • Access to additional Lookups.
  • Create KFS groups and add members to KFS groups.
  • Initiate and submit Chart of Accounts maintenance documents, including setting up account delegates and global account delegates.

Even if I'm not a KFS user, may I still complete the training?

Absolutely! Critical Data in KFS is available to any individual with an IU username and passphrase. Alternatively, non-KFS users, who are not required to complete the training, may elect to forego the quizzes and simply watch the training videos.

What other trainings on critical data does IU offer?

The Data Protection and Privacy Tutorial is available in Canvas, through IU Expand, for all IU employees. It is designed to provide learners with an understanding of the types of data IU collects and how it is classified, data handling responsibilities, and basic privacy laws that affect IU employees. Additionally, some departments, such as the Registrar, provide department-specific training to their staff members.

Why doesn't IU add notifications to the KFS interface that tell users which fields can safely accommodate critical data?

While this would certainly be an excellent addition to KFS, it is not a feasible implementation at this time. IU would need to add the notifications as a local customization to the KFS software package, which would hinder the ease with which the IU KFS team can release patches and upgrades. As a result, FMS leadership has decided to not pursue such an option.