Payroll Training

New payroll processors must complete the following trainings before HRMS voucher access will be provisioned. FMS provides training related to payroll in HRMS, the Human Resource Management System. Training is required for new departmental payroll processors on the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses.

Payroll processors located at regional campuses should contact Cassie Rosenburgh, Assistant Payroll Manager, with questions related to training and system access.

Required Training

Payroll Essentials

Payroll Essentials provides the foundation all payroll processors need before accessing vouchers in HRMS. This course consists of six modules, or sections, which include:

  • Technical Setup
  • Introduction to Payroll at IU
  • Kuali Time
  • HRMS Vouchers
  • Adjustment Vouchers
  • Final Assessment and Resources

A score of 80% or better must be achieved on the final assessment before HRMS voucher access will be provisioned. You may enroll in the course via IU Expand.

Prerequisite(s):  None.

Length:  6 hours total, though it is not required to complete the training in one sitting.

HRMS Data Use Tutorial

HRMS contains personal information for employees of Indiana University. This tutorial walks through how this critical data should be handled. Access the HRMS Data Use Tutorial here.

Prerequisite(s):  None.

Length:  30 minutes.

FERPA Tutorial

Depending on your department, you may be working with student information in your role as a payroll processor. The FERPA tutorial details how to handle student data appropriately. Access the FERPA Tutorial here.

Prerequisite(s):  None.

Length:  30 minutes.

Training Videos

You may access the training videos used in the Payroll Essentials online course at any time via Kaltura, IU’s video sharing platform. Videos are grouped by the categories below.

System Access

Kuali Time

Your department has a Kuali Time administrator. Your administrator will add you to the appropriate work area(s) in Kuali Time. Once you have been added you may login to Kuali Time via the task tile on One.IU.

HRMS (Human Resource Management System)

To gain access to vouchers in HRMS, refer to the HRMS Voucher Access page. Once you have completed the trainings listed above, your Fiscal Officer may request voucher access on your behalf via the HRMS Access Request form.

Once access has been granted, access HRMS via the Payroll WorkCenter task tile on One.IU.