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December, 2015

Critical Data at Indiana University

Critical data should never be added to unrestricted fields on KFS documents in compliance with Indiana University policy and procedure and Indiana state law. This statement means that KFS document descriptions, explanations, notes, and attachments must not contain critical data.

Inappropriate handling of this information may result in criminal or civil penalties, identity theft, personal financial loss, invasion of privacy, or unauthorized access. Examples of critical data include but are not limited to Social Security number, driver's license number, passport or Visa number, credit card number, bank account number, and state ID card number.

Please remember that ACH Authorization should be faxed to Accounts Payable at 812-856-4452 for disbursement voucher and vendor payments. Contact if you have questions or visit our Staff and Contacts Page. ACH authorizations should not be emailed to Accounts Payable.

Please remember that W-9 forms, signed and dated, should be faxed to Accounts Payable at 812-855-0888 for processing approvals of DV vendors. Contact if you have questions or visit our Staff and Contacts Page. W-9 forms should not be emailed to Accounts Payable.

Please review the recent notification sent out regarding incidents that were in violation of University Policy DM-01: Management of Institutional Data:

Memorandum on Critical Data Policy Violations in KFS

For additional information, please reference the below resources:

Process for Approval of PREQs carrying Full Order Discounts

There is a known KFS issue for Payment Request with full order discounts that either:

  1. Route to multiple fiscal officers, or
  2. Route for chart review

These documents cannot be approved by these approvers.
Please use the following workaround until this issue is fixed:

  1. Confirm final approval and payment disbursement is appropriate.
  2. Add a PREQ note “Final approval needed – full order discount and a known issue – please approve”.
  3. Send “note” notification to csinex.
  4. Csinex will review and request final approval on your behalf.

Note: In the case of multiple fiscal officers, each Fiscal Officer must add a note approving payment. Please use this work around until the issue is fixed in KFS for the above situations. Unfortunately, there is not an estimated date for the fix.

Disbursement Voucher Supporting Documentation PDF File Names

These quick tips can help you successfully upload Disbursement Voucher (DV) supporting documentation for the correct DV.

  • Ensure your PDF file’s first page is the DV coversheet.
  • Name the file using the DV number first, the payee name (last name or company name) next, and amount last.
    Reason: When you browse your folders during the upload process, the payee name and dollar amount are helpful for confirming the right file is selected. Additionally, the file will be easier for you to find if future retrieval is necessary.
    Example: “35661110 Sage 250.00.pdf”
  • If your DV is disapproved and you need to initiate a new DV, print a new coversheet from the new DV and discard the coversheet from the disapproved DV.
    Reason: procedure requires uploading the paperwork to the current DV number. A new coversheet with complete support pages makes the complete audit record and will need to be uploaded to the new DV. Coversheets are printed from the link at the top of a DV document.

Note: PDFs retained by the department should be stored on a secure server that is backed up regularly by procedure.

Procurement Card Statement PDF File Names

This quick tip can help you successfully upload Procurement Card statements with receipt documentation.

  • Name the file using the unique identifier first, statement year, month, and day next, and the cardholder name last. The cardholder name is the individual name or the department name that appears on the statement and on the credit card.

    Reason: the upload process includes specifying your procurement card’s unique ID and selecting the correct statement month. You can ensure that you browse to the correct file via these visible file name details.

    Example: “PCBL10001801 2015-01-12 VPCFO Business Office.pdf”

Note: PDFs retained by the department should be stored on a secure server that is backed up regularly, by procedure.

Sending KFS Note Notifications

It is necessary to send notification of your KFS note to whoever is expected to read the note for action or to read the note for information. Failure to send notification will result in an unread note.

Sending notification to an individual:

  1. Add your note to the document and click the "add" note button.
  2. Populate the individual’s user name in the Notification Recipient column in the notes and attachments tab by either typing the user name or by using the lookup functionality to search for the individual to return the user name to the note. Be sure you are using the field in the same row of the note you want the person to review.
  3. Click "send" once the user name is populated and confirmed.

Sending notification to a group:

You are able to send notifications to KFS groups using the "Ad Hoc Group Requests" field in the "Ad Hoc Recipients" tab. For more information on how to utilize this functionality, see our documentation on the Procurement Services website: Sending Notification Messages to Workgroups in KFS

  • For questions regarding DVs, send an FYI Ad Hoc notification to FMSDVHLP, namespace code KFS-SYS
  • For questions regarding PREQs or CMs, send an FYI Ad Hoc notification to FMSAPHLP, namespace code KFS-PURAP

Do not send “Approve” ad hoc notifications to the DV Team or the AP Team.

Accounts Payable can also be contacted by outlook email. For assistance with DVs, email For assistance with PREQs and CMs, contact

Calendar Year-End Payroll Information

You may have recently received notifications regarding end of year payroll information from both FMS Payroll and University Human Resources Services (UHRS). Below are some highlights from those announcements. For complete details, see the UHRS Announcements.

Biweekly Paid Employees:

  • Pay period 12/06/2015 – 12/19/2015 will be paid on 12/31/2015
  • Must use available accrued vacation or comp time (or PTO) to receive pay during departmental closures during the holidays
  • Can borrow against future vacation accruals if:
    1. Your department is closed between 12/25/2015 – 01/01/2015
    2. You were hired after 06/30/2015
    3. You do not have enough VAC (or PTO) accruals to cover
  • If you do not accrue benefit time, you will not be paid for departmental closings

Monthly Paid Employees:

  • Pay period 12/01/2015 – 12/31/2015 will be paid on 01/04/2016
  • Must use available accrued PTO to receive pay during departmental closures during the holidays
  • Can borrow against future PTO accruals if:
    1. Your department is closed between 12/25/2015 – 01/01/2015
    2. You were hired after 09/30/2015
    3. You do not have enough PTO accruals to cover

All Employees

  • All accrued 2014 holiday hours must be used by 12/31/2015 or they will be lost next calendar year

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact UHRS at 856-6047 or FMS Customer Service at 855.0375.

Payroll Processors and Kuali Time Supervisors/Approvers

Reminder that BW payroll 42 closes on a short week. All deadlines for biweekly payroll are moved up one day during the week of 12/21/2015. Please review the December payroll calendar available on the FMS website for adjusted deadline details. If you have additional questions, please contact your Payroll Office contact or FMS Customer Service at 855.0375.

Year-End Tax Information for Employees

As the New Year approaches, Financial Management Services and University Human Resources wanted to make all employees aware of some new important tax-related issues. This article is intended to serve as a checklist for employees to use for these important tax issues that could impact personal tax filings:

  1. New Tax Form 1095-C to applicable employees for Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting.
    • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires nearly all Americans to have health insurance – this new form serves as documentation to the IRS about coverage offered to you by Indiana University
    • You will receive a Form 1095-C from Indiana University if you were:
      • Determined to be a full-time employee for at least one month in 2015
        • Note, per the ACA, an average of 30 service hours/week is considered to be full-time
      • Enrolled in one of the Indiana University healthcare plans in 2015, including
        • Employee PPO and HDHP medical plan
        • Graduate Appointee (GA) medical plan
        • Graduate Medical Education/Medical Resident (RA) plan
        • COBRA continuation coverage
        • IU Retiree Medical Under 65 plan
    • For 2015 reporting, there is only a paper option for the Form 1095-C, and it will be mailed to the most recent address on file for the individual receiving the form
    • UHRS has posted a webpage ( to help answer questions about the new form. Please bookmark the page now and check back periodically for updates
    • Any questions about the new tax form may be sent to
    • You may want to wait to file your finalized tax return until you have received both Forms W-2 and 1095-C from Indiana University. Please consult with a qualified tax advisor if you have questions on how to file your taxes.

Other Tax Issues

  1. Update the Form W-4 and the Form WH-4 for Federal and IN State tax withholding

  2. Be sure to complete a new Federal Withholding Certificate (Form W‐4) for the 2016 calendar year if you have had any changes in your filing status. For those employees working in Indiana, please submit a new State Withholding Certificate (Form WH‐4) if you have had any change in your filing status or county of residence/employment. Please note that if you live or work in Indiana as of 1/1/16, you should have the correct county reflected on your tax form. You can view and update your Federal and State tax forms in the Payroll & Tax section of the Employee Center in ONE.

  3. Update electronic delivery for Form W-2

  4. If applicable, employees may choose to update their consent for electronic delivery of the Form W-2. With this consent, employees are able to view their forms as a PDF file to download, save or print. The forms are available sooner than if received via US mail. You will be notified by email when the electronic W-2 is available to view. To update this status, go to the Payroll & Tax section of the Employee Center.

  5. Avoiding tax fraud and identity theft

  6. The IRS is working diligently to avoid identity theft through tax returns and has posted information on the IRS webpage for taxpayers. See Taxes. Security. Together for more information on how to protect your information and make sure you are not a victim of tax fraud or identity theft.

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