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September, 2015

University Tax Services: DV and PO Approval

University Tax Services reviews Purchase Orders and Disbursement Vouchers daily in the order received to the tax manager route node. Once reviewed, any correspondence is sent to the initiator as an FYI notification through the notes function of the document. The notes section of the document is reviewed for response to the request for more information. Please be sure to send an FYI notification to ensure quick receipt of the information. This business process allows for the document to stand-alone and provides a clean audit trail for all payments

The timeline for approval is as follows:

  1. Initial review within 72 hours of receipt into the tax manager route node. Request in notes for further information is sent to the initiator in an FYI.
  2. Document notes reviewed daily for response.
  3. Document disapproved after 14 days of inactivity.

In order to streamline the review and approval process of documents please review the FMS tax website at to ensure you have provided the appropriate tax documentation. As a reminder, you should fax all required tax documentation directly to FMS University Tax Services at (812) 856-4861.

Some helpful tips for quick approvals are as follows:

  • Foreign vendor payments
    • Travel and Honorarium Payments: Include immigration documents and a Tax Coversheet.
    • Out of Pocket Reimbursements: Include immigration documentation and a clear explanation of what is being reimbursed and why.
    • Subscriptions and Goods: Provide a clear explanation of what is being purchased.
    • Services: Provide a clear explanation of where the services were performed.
  • U.S. vendor payments
    • Independent Contractor Payments: Independent Contractor Questionnaire.
    • Employee Payments: Use the employee ID number rather than the vendor ID number and include clear explanation of expense.

Route Log

The status of your document can be monitored by reviewing the route log within the Route Log tab.

If your document is pending "KFS-SYS System User" approval (image attachment) the document is waiting on supporting documentation. Please contact Accounts Payable.

A pending approval action request with the annotation "KFS-SYS Tax Manager" is an indication of a current review by University Tax Services.

If your route log has an approval for "Delegator Tax Manager," University Tax Services has already approved your document.

If your document requires expedited processing, please send an email to Please include the document number, reason for expedited request, and contact information where a member of University Tax Services can reach you for additional questions.

Thank you for helping University Tax Services remain compliant while maintaining efficient and timely processing of payments to our vendors.

Transitioning from OneStart to One.IU

UITS is transitioning all services from the OneStart portal into the new One.IU portal. While we have come to know and love OneStart, we will still need to make the transition. You should be able to access all the services you get in OneStart in One.IU, and if you can’t, UITS want to know about it. That means that you should start using One.IU instead of OneStart even before the transition becomes official in October. UITS recently hosted a webinar on using One.IU and have provided a recording of the webinar for everyone to view. To give you a jumpstart on your transition, here are a few tips on accessing some of the functions that FMS manages in One.IU:

  • Kuali Financial System: Getting to the KFS in One.IU is very straightforward. Click in the search bar and type “KFS.” The first app in the search results will take you to the KFS. If you don’t need all the KFS documents but just want to create requisitions or access shop catalogs, while we don’t own the functionality, Purchasing has made it really easy. Type “Purchasing” in your search and click the Purchasing tile and you’ve got your shop catalogs and your requisitions just like you had in OneStart.
  • PeopleSoft HRMS: Just search for “HRMS” and the app you need is the first in the list. You’ve got access to all the things you had in OneStart.
  • Kuali Time: You can always type “” into your browser directly but you can access Kuali Time from One.IU as well. Just search for “Time” in the One.IU search bar and it’s the first app in the list.
  • Employee Center: All of your paycheck information, tax withholdings, benefit information, can all be access from One.IU. Search for “Employee Center” and click the Employee Center app and you will have access to these functions and more.

That’s just a preview of some the systems that we utilize on a regular basis. For the rest of the systems that you use, give One.IU a try. Use the search bar and type in your keywords and you might be surprised by how easy it is to access those things you use all the time. When you find an app you need, you can favorite the app by clicking the heart icon on the app tile itself. Once favorited, it will appear at the top of your One.IU page when you log in.

Of course, if you can’t find something that you need, let the UITS One Team know. They are looking for feedback to make sure the transition to One.IU is as seamless as possible.

Staffing Updates in FMS

FMS has had some staff changes since the beginning of the fiscal year so there may be some new names and faces that you may see in FMS:
  • Mary Byrde, Director of Business Analytics: Mary was formerly the Director of Payroll, Customer Service, and Training and recently transitioned into a new position here in FMS. She will be helping the VPCFO’s office parse all the data we generate to provide better services to all of our constituents.
  • Casandra Franks, University Tax Director: Cassie held the position of Senior Tax Compliance Officer with University Tax Services since 2012 and had been applying her State of Indiana CPA in both the public and private sectors before joining IU.
  • Stephen Miller, Director of Payroll, Customer Service, and Training: Steve comes to us from the private sector where he spent many years applying his IU JD and IU MBA to legal and finance related issues.

University Tax Services has had several updates to their staff:

  • Susan Norrel, University Tax Manager
  • Joann Clune, Senior Tax Compliance Officer
  • Rashul Sartoris, Senior Tax Compliance Officer
  • Ha Nguyen, Tax Compliance Officer

Auxiliary Services has two new Auxiliary Consultants to help our Auxiliary units navigate the additional reporting and compliance issues they face:

  • Dexter Volz, Auxiliary Consultant

Student Loan Administration has a new staff member to help service IU student loans:

  • Lisa Gough, Processing and Collections Specialist

Non-Student Accounts Receivable has added a full-time position to process the payments we receive from IU's customers:

  • Danielle Todd, Accounts Receivable Processing Specialist

Accounts Payable announces the following staff changes:

  • Marika Voukidis, Supervisor Accounts Payable Operations (effective September 21, 2015)
  • Michael Block, Research Invoice Resolution Team
  • Kurian Johnson, Records Management Team
  • Elizabeth Knapp, Invoice Processor Team
  • Rachel Lent, Invoice Processor Team
  • Luke Meeker, Electronic Document Processing Team

International Students, Faculty, and Staff and FNIS

Over the past several months, University Tax has been working with our international software provider, Thomson Reuters, to initiate a new system for collecting and entering tax information for our international visitors.

Beginning with the 2015 fall semester FNIS, Foreign National Information System, will be available for use by all campuses. FNIS is a web-based, data entry program that will permit IU’s international students, faculty and staff to enter their individual and immigration status information. This system should reduce time needed to process international tax records, improve data entry and improve communication with this section of IU’s community.

If you have an individual who needs to complete the international tax questionnaire or needs to update information, please direct them to our website: We want all international students and employees to be included in our tax database. If you have questions about FNIS email

Updating a DV Vendor to a PO Vendor

"I have been instructed to open a PO to place a vendor order; but the vendor I am paying is a DV (Disbursement Voucher) vendor. What do I do next?"

Procurement Services procedures and policies require processing requisitions and purchase orders in many situations. KFS requires a PO (Purchase Order) vendor to be used to open a purchase order document.

The procedure to change a DV vendor to a PO vendor is well defined and is documented here:
Switching a Vendor from DV Type to PO type.pdf

Remember that the KFS Disbursement Voucher (DV) document accepts either a PO vendor record or a DV vendor record. There is no need to change a PO vendor to a DV vendor. Moreover, changing a PO vendor to a DV vendor is not allowed in the KFS.

Sending Note Notifications to the DV Team

"I have added a note to a Disbursement Voucher but I am not certain how to advise The DV Team in Accounts Payable the note is there for their action. What do I do next?"

Here is a typical example: You had just created and submitted a DV, but you realize it is for the incorrect amount. Since it has been submitted, you are unable to cancel it since it has routed to AP for image attachment. What do you do?

Add a note to the DV documenting the reason the DV should be disapproved. For example, “Please cancel. Incorrect amount.”

Send an FYI ad hoc notification to the DV Team using a KFS group called “FMSDVHLP”. The DV Team can also be reached via an Outlook email using to the team email address

The steps are illustrated in this document using FMSDVHLP as the example:
Sending Notification Messages to Workgroups in KFS.pdf

When sending ad hoc notifications to AP, keep the following things in mind:

  • Ad hoc notification to the AP Team for notes on payment requests and credit memos are sent similarly to the KFS group name “FMSAPHLP”. The AP Team can also be reached via an Outlook email to the team email address
  • Do not send “Approve" ad hoc notifications to the DV Team or to the AP Team. Send only FYI ad hoc notifications.
  • FMSDVHLP and FMSAPHLP are group names in the KFS system. Note notifications can be sent to a group via the FYI ad hoc notification steps. See Sending Notification Messages to Workgroups in KFS.pdf.
  • By procedure send payment request (PREQ) FYI Ad hoc notification to FMSAPHLP since this team is responsible for the research and resolution of payment details. Do not send note notification to the processor of the payment request document.

Billing the IU Foundation

Being able to identify when a customer is an internal customer or an external customer is key to knowing when you should submit an Accounts Receivable Invoice or not. As a general rule of thumb, only IU departments and other IU campuses are considered “internal.” IU Foundation is a separate entity and has a different tax identification number than IU, therefore it is “external.” Student organizations and the IU Alumni Association are other non-IU entities that are often times erroneously considered to be internal customers. However, when it comes to the IU Foundation, there are times when we request funds outside of KFS AR. When trying to determine if the IU Foundation should be invoiced through KFS AR or not, follow the below listed scenarios:

  • IU department wants the invoice issued to IUF so foundation funds can be used to pay the invoice.
    • IU Foundation invoiced through KFS AR
  • IUF is paying the invoice because the good or service benefits the IUF only, not an IU department.
    • IU Foundation invoiced through KFS AR
  • IU department is invoiced via internal or service billing and then requests reimbursement from their foundation account.
    • No invoice submitted to IU Foundation

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