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June, 2015

Fiscal Year 2015 Year-End Overview

Below are highlights of the upcoming fiscal year-end closing process. Please reference complete year-end details on the FMS website.


  • First closing standard reports will be available in the IUIE on Wednesday, July 8
  • Final closing standard reports will be available Monday, July 27


  • The accrued vacation and sick liability for appointed positions (PA, PAE, PAU, PAO, and PB) in general fund and auxiliary accounts is calculated based on the liability at May 31, 2015
  • The bi-weekly payroll B022070215 ending June 20, paid on July 2, will be accrued 100%. Bi-weekly payroll B023071715 ending July 4, paid July 17 will be accrued 7 days
  • The monthly payroll will be paid on Tuesday, June 30

Accounts Payable

Between Wednesday, July 1, and Monday, July 6, all invoices dated prior to July 1 that are entered and approved by Accounts Payable will have their associated General Ledger entries posted into period 12. Beginning Tuesday, July 7, the General Ledger entries for all invoices will be posted to the new fiscal year the day the invoice is entered into KFS.

Travel Management Services (TMS)

As June 30 approaches, Travel Management Services (TMS) wishes to remind all travelers, arrangers and fiscal officers of the following key dates:

  1. Requests to disencumber funds must be received prior to June 22.
    When an authorization is created in Travel@IU, its estimated expenses encumber against the specified account(s). Submit disencumbrance and trip cancellation requests to by June 22, 2015, to ensure processing by the end of this fiscal year.
  2. Approve this year's trips before June 30.
    In order for trip expenses to charge against this year’s budget, prepayment and reimbursement requests must be initiated and approved before June 29. Approvers: be sure to check your Action List regularly as this date approaches.
  3. Prepayment requests final approved on or before June 29 will be paid from this year's budget.
    Trips typically encumber against the fiscal year in which they are scheduled to occur. However, if a prepayment request is final approved in Travel@IU on or before June 29, 2015, the amount of that prepayment will be charged to this fiscal year’s budget.

Clearing Accounts

Bill Overman in FMS ( or (812) 855-2557) will be closing out the clearing accounts for all campuses.


  • Note that several entries are due by a specific date. If you are utilizing Financial Processing (FP) in KFS, these documents must be in the system and fully approved by 5 p.m. on their respective deadlines for the entries to be reflected in the closing reports. Budget Administration and FMS accounting staff will review these entries. Therefore, on the day of each closing, entries should be completed by noon to allow for routing and approval by these areas. For more information regarding closing deadlines, see the complete closing schedule on the FMS website.
  • If you do not have access to Financial Processing (FP) in KFS, please contact your RC Fiscal Officer.
  • In order to maintain integrity of data and to eliminate the possibility of duplicate data entry, we will not accept fax copies of documents.
  • KFS hours have been permanently changed to end at 10 p.m. KFS super approver, Tracey Mui, will be available from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 30 if special approvals on financial documents are required. She can be contacted by calling (812) 856-4574 or by sending a message to Please review the KFS document super approval request guidelines for more information on super approval standards and alternatives.
  • On Tuesday, June 30, the automatic disapproval process will be initiated during the accounting batch cycle. If there are documents that need special approvals, those will need to be fully approved by the times mentioned above.
  • Please remember that the Disbursement Voucher is not part of the automatic disapproval process; however, if the transaction is to be posted to FY15, the document must be completely approved by Monday, June 29.

Questions or concerns about the closing process may be addressed to Joan Hagen, University Controller. She can be reached by telephone at (812) 856-2548 or via e-mail at

Year-End Capital Asset Reminders

All Asset Retirement, Asset Transfer, and Equipment Loan/Return documents must be approved on or before June 30, 2015. Any Retirement or Transfer document not approved by June 30 will be routed to Capital Asset Management to be held “for approval” until after final close.

To view the pending documents for your organization, run the Unapproved Documents in Inbox by Chart and Org report. The report can be found in IUIE in Kuali Financial/Capital Asset Management System/Inventory Control Reports/.

Capital Asset Document Type codes are:

  • AT: Asset Transfer
  • ARG: Asset Retirement Global
  • ELR: Equipment Loan Return

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Capital Asset Management at

Sending of Critical Information

University Tax requires Indiana University (IU) departments to submit a wide range of information to our office for review. Items such as Purchase Order and Disbursement Voucher approvals often require additional documentation. Additionally, other tax related issues associated with non-employee visitors and employees require sensitive documents to be sent to University Tax.

Indiana University has policies (Policy DM-01) to ensure that all sensitive data is transmitted securely to comply with the Health Information Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) laws.

How should critical information be submitted?

  • Secure fax - Tax has a secure fax line ((812) 856-4861) where critical data can be transmitted safely. Please note: Not all fax lines are secure; always verify with recipient before you send sensitive data.
  • - Indiana University offers an online service to transmit critical data which can be password protected, as well as require a CAS authentication, if desired. A guest link can also be provided when asking those outside of Indiana University to transmit back critical data. Slashtmp can be found at Please be sure to select CRITICAL version for your transmission.

Please Remember:

  • NEVER attach any critical information, including immigration documents, to any Kuali Financial System (KFS) document. KFS documents are not a secure source of transmission.
  • NEVER send any critical information in the text of an email or as an email attachment.

What Information is Critical?

Personal and Financial Information
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Credit card number or banking information
  • Passport number
  • Foreign Visa Number
  • Tax Information
  • Credit reports
  • Anything that can be used to facilitate identity theft (e.g., mother's maiden name)
Federally Protected Data
  • FERPA protected information (e.g., Student information and grades)
  • HIPAA protected information (e.g., health, medical or psychological information)

Your role within the university is crucial in making sure that personal information is protected. If you are unsure whether or not the information is critical, restricted, or public, please read the following articles below or contact your Data Steward in charge of the data involved. The list of Data Stewards can be found at

Additional information on Indiana University policies, electronic mail usage and critical data can be found below:

Red Flags Website has Moved

The university’s Red Flags (or Identity Theft Prevention Program) website has moved to the FMS homepage. All the pertinent information has been updated in an easy to use format. You will find all the necessary training materials, forms and a complete copy of the Board of Trustees approved plan. Please visit the FMS Red Flags webpage or click on the Red Flags link located on the FMS homepage.

Collection Agency Information

Do you have some accounts receivable that you just can’t collect? A new collections section has been added to the FMS homepage. The page lists the agencies that are approved by Purchasing with contact information. Please visit the FMS Collections webpage or click on the Collections link located on the FMS homepage. If you need assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the Collection Agency Oversight Committee members.

Annual Accounts Receivable Write-off Reminder

According to IU policy I-500, Accounts Receivable balances over 12 months old and lacking current productive activity are to be written off even if the invoices are placed with a collection agency. Policy I-500 applies to all invoices.

  • Bursar: All student receivables write-offs will be processed through the Bursar
  • Non-Student KFS AR: All KFS-AR invoices should be written off using the Customer Invoice Write-off edoc, not a Credit Memo edoc.
  • Non-Student invoices outside of KFS-AR: If you’re using an approved non-KFS invoice generated in an independent financial system, please submit your write-offs using the Support for Annual Write-offs form located at

Also, please remember that writing off an invoice does not prevent you from collecting the money at a later date. For more information about invoice write-offs, please visit the FMS Write-off web page or click on the AR Write-Offs link located on the FMS homepage. You are also welcome to email your questions to

Accounts Payable E-Invoicing

Accounts Payable has been working to automate the submission of invoices by some of IU’s vendors. This automation, known as e-invoicing, eliminates many steps in the invoice processing procedure done by Accounts Payable. This necessarily decreases the amount of times a document is touched in Accounts Payable, and accelerates the rate at which the invoice generates a Payment Request (PREQ) document that routes to the department for review. It also has the advantage of decreasing the number of errors that can occur with submission of standard invoices. Faster PREQ routing and fewer errors can decrease labor both in Accounts Payable and in the invoiced organizations.

Accounts Payable has added 7 new vendors this year to the list of vendors who can leverage this automated process. This brings the total to 15 high-volume vendors submitting e-invoices accounting for approximately 102,000 of the invoices IU pays every year. Accounts Payable is committed to bringing more and more of IU’s vendors online to e-invoicing to increase efficiency and customer service to both organizations within IU and the vendors that serve those organizations.

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