Find out what FiUF alumni have to say about the program!

 "I really enjoyed this opportunity (…) It was extremely helpful to me to be at this conference and listen to each presenter. I will refer back to all of the information given to me and I feel that this is a very useful tool for anyone who deals with finance at IU (…) I am so grateful to have been a part of it!!"

 Jessica Meyer, School of Information and Library Sciences, Bloomington | FiUF Fall 2015

"Thank you for taking the time to put this together. This was really a great experience. This really helped me to get a better understanding of everything and the reasons this is all so important. Great job!"

– Alison Kissee, Department of Medicine, Chairman's Office, Indianapolis | FiUF Fall 2015

"I thought it was a great idea to present information in this format. It gives people who normally don't have time to network a chance to do so. It also gives some of us who interact with Bloomington staff daily a chance to see who we are talking to. I will say it made all of you very approachable (not that I ever found otherwise)."

Kathleen Pizaña, Auxiliary Support Services, South Bend | FiUF Fall 2015

"I really enjoyed this opportunity. I have been at the University for a long time and still learned new things. I met new people (I really appreciate your facilitating car pool rides). Overall, a very positive experience. Thanks for including me."

 Marilyn Gregory, School of Education, Bloomington | FiUF Fall 2015

"Great event! I learned a lot about the mid-level workings of IU. FODS was a great overview but this training brought the training to a 1,000 foot view. Given my lack of IU policy/procedure background upon starting at IU, this training was at the right time (after 1 year of IU experience). (...) Great job to all involved! I will be sending many from my unit to participate in future training if this is continued."

Doug Mayo, Office of the Vice President for Information Technology, University Administration | FiUF Fall 2015

"I liked that the presenters were so unified and stayed in the room during the other presentations. It created an atmosphere of camaraderie when they were able to confirm things as questions came up, and it also kind of authenticated the information being presented. I was able to learn something useful from each presentation even in areas I don't touch all that much, and it was great to see faces to go with names I've heard for a long time. It was very evident that Tracey and Ben put a lot of thought, time, and effort into organizing this event, and I was happy to be a participant."

Sarah Ruff, Accounting Services, Southeast | FiUF Fall 2015