Financial Policies

Presenter: Anna Jensen, University Chief Accountant

This topic introduces policies at Indiana University. It will cover how policies are created and approved. Financial policies will be the focus, but other relevant policy categories will be highlighted as well.

Chart of Accounts

Presenter: Bill Overman, IU Chart Manager

This topic focuses on the organizational structure of the university's financial system, as well as financial reporting components. Learn how departmental transactions and account management impact financial statements.

Financial Systems Administration

Presenters: Sterling George, Director of Financial Systems Administration, Tracey Mui, Financial Systems Coordinator

This topic will cover how our financial system manages the university's financial data, including posting accounting entries to the general ledger. Damon and Sterling will also shed some light on how payroll accruals are calculated and how they impact your accounts.

University Budgeting

Presenter: Alicia Roberson, Associate Director, University Budget Office

This topic will introduce some concepts and challenges of university budgeting, as well as highlight the milestones of the annual budget construction process.

University Payroll

Presenter: Steve Miller, Director of Payroll, Customer Service, and Training

This topic aims to convey how payroll activity comprises a significant portion of the university's annual operating expenses, and how each employee plays a role in managing these expenses. Learn about some common payroll processing pitfalls and how to avoid them.

University Tax

Presenter: Cassandra Franks, Director of University Tax

In this topic, Cassandra Franks will introduce the basics of tax reporting, how you can recognize when payment situations have tax consequences, and whom to contact for support on all university tax matters.


Auxiliary Accounting

Presenter: Kathy Cochard, Auxiliary Services Manager

This topic will cover how we handle the selling of goods and services that are unrelated to the mission of Indiana University. Selling goods and services outside of the mission of the university requires additional oversight to ensure compliance with IU policy, as well as, state and federal laws and regulations.

Non-Student Accounts Receivable

Presenter: Dominique Bahr, Manager Non-Student Accounts Receivable

This topic covers how we collect payment for goods in services sold outside of student-related fees. Learn to distinguish between internal and external customers, and between customers and vendors, and some tips for processing receivables accurately and efficiently.

Recharge/Service Centers

Presenter: John Sparks, Manager of Cost Accounting and Cash Control

This topic discusses the special considerations that come up when departments sell goods and services internally. Learn the basics on how to handle those transactions and to avoid the common compliance pitfalls.

Accounts Payable

Presenter: Charlie Sinex, Director of Accounts Payable

This topic outlines the relationship between Accounts Payable and Procurement Services and shares best practices for ensuring timely and accurate payments to vendors for goods and services. 

Capital Assets

Presenter: Joy Maddox, Manager of Capital Assets Management

This topic will cover the basics of capital assets at Indiana University from capitalization thresholds to depreciation expense. Participants will leave with the knowledge of how to determine if an equipment purchase is capital and why it’s important to choose the correct object code.