Foundations in University Finance:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Foundations in University Finance (FiUF) the same thing as the Fiscal Officer Development Series (FODS)?

The Fiscal Officer Development Series (FODS) is a professional development program designed for fiscal officers and other professional staff and includes exposure to many functional areas within University Administration. FODS participants engage in activities that help build and improve personal and management skills in the context of their accounting and finance responsibilities.

Foundations in University Finance (FiUF) can be considered as an orientation to key functional areas within the University Controller’s Office (which includes Financial Management Services and the University Budget Office), with a focus on their interdependent performance relationships with FiUF participants and their departments, and how their business practices and transactional decisions impact the overall financial health of Indiana University. FiUF is a training program that is available to any employee with accounting and finance responsibilities – including support staff. It is more technical in nature than FODS, but more discussion-based and much less technical than the traditional systems (KFS, HRMS Payroll, Time, IUIE) training offered by FMS.

Is this conference only offered on the IUB and IUPUI campuses?

We anticipate having two conferences every calendar year: in the spring and the fall. While we will primarily alternate locations between the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses, the conference will be held at a regional campus as logistics and interest allow. For example, the Fall 2016 conference will be held at IU Kokomo.

What should I expect at a typical conference?

Foundations in University Finance aims to be an engaging experience for the attendees and the presenters. We will provide a single location where all the presentations will take place. Attendees are expected to attend the conference in its entirety and are not able to attend a partial conference. Your organization will need to provide any transportation and/or lodging required for your attendance at the conference. As each conference approaches, we will provide additional details on the schedule of presentations, food offerings, and parking concerns.

Snacks and refreshments will be provided during the conference and lunch will be served. You will have the opportunity to interact with your follow participants as well as the presenters.

This is intended to be a safe space where you can ask questions and become more confident in the areas that the Controller's Office has expertise.

Is there a cost associated with attending this conference?

Currently, there is no charge for attendance to this conference.

I tried to register, but was added to the wait list. What should I expect?

We are thrilled that so many people are expressing interest in this program... but apologize that we are unable to guarantee you a seat this time around. The Fall 2016 conference is limited to 60 participants so that we can ensure an engaging experience for everyone.


The wait list will be managed automatically by the registration system up to one (1) week prior to the start of the conference, meaning that if a registered participant cancels their registration before October 26th, the system will automatically enroll/register the next person on the wait list. An automated email will be sent to you if you have been moved from the wait list to the roster.


After October 26th, we will handle cancellations and subsequent enrollment from the wait list via a manual process. The conference roster must be finalized by October 31st, and so no changes to the roster will be made beyond that date.


Unfortunately, we are not able to carry your registration/wait list over to the next conference. You must go through the registration process once registration is open.

If I'm on the wait list, will you transfer my registration to the next conference?

Unfortunately, we are not able to transfer registrations from one conference event to another. For planning purposes (ours and yours), it is important that you first determine with your supervisor that the next conference dates and campus location will work for your department. Once registration opens up for the next conference, please express your interest via the standard registration process.