University Finance Fundamentals

We are excited to announce a change to FMS’s popular Foundations in University Finance (FiUF) conference. In an effort to make our financial presentations accessible to as many IU staff as possible, beginning this August we will move to a monthly, hybrid delivery format. The new series will be called University Finance Fundamentals (UFF). 

In response to feedback from IU staff, UFF will transform the two-day FiUF conference into a ten-month a la cart series, with one presentation each month. IU staff will have the option of attending in-person on the IU Bloomington campus or online in a web conference meeting room. Remote participants will hear the same presentation as in-person participants, and will be encouraged to ask questions and participate in activities to the same extent as in-person participants. While in-person seating will be limited to 60, more participants will be able to join UFF virtually. 


University Finance Fundamentals (UFF) is a new training program designed for all employees with accounting and finance responsibilities – including support staff. Consider it as an orientation to key functional areas within the University Controller’s Office (which includes Financial Management Services and the University Budget Office), with a focus on their interdependent performance relationships with UFF participants and their departments, and how their business practices and transactional decisions impact the overall financial health of Indiana University.

If you attend our UFF sessions, you can expect:

  • A fun, engaging learning experience;
  • A deeper understanding of some of the most challenging concepts and procedures related to university finance; and
  • To feel more "connected": learn how your individual contributions impact the university and about the support resources available to you.


The mission of the University Finance Fundamentals training series is to effect positive change at Indiana University by:  Inspiring ownership of financial integrity within the university finance community – from the individual and up through the department , school, campus, and university levels; earning trust and building rapport so that the university finance community may view University Controller’s representatives as partners and consultative resources; and maximizing compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, as well as with the university’s financial policies.

Participant Outcomes

By the end of this series, participants should be able to:

  • Determine when expert consultation of the University Controller’s office is appropriate – in advance of taking actions that impact the financial system,
  • Consult the available resources, including online documentation and subject matter experts, when appropriate,
  • Act in the best interest of Indiana University and its stakeholders, and
  • Maintain awareness of updates to federal and state laws and regulations, as well as to the university’s financial policies

Session Dates and Registration

Accounts Payable Pilot:  May 2017 

This page will be updated with registration information as soon as it is available.