Fiscal Officer Development Series (FODS) Alumni Session 2011

Campus Center
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Indianapolis, Indiana
October 25, 2011

Continental Breakfast

Does It Pay To Be a Jerk?
Neil Theobald, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
A study soon to be released in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that disagreeable men and women earn more than other employees. VP Theobald will talk about the values of Indiana University and the type of employee who he hopes (and believes) we seek to promote and pay well. Neil also answered questions the group had on this, or any other, topic.

Future Directions for Regional Campuses
John Applegate, Vice President for University Regional Affairs, Planning and Policy
The Blueprint for Student Attainment is the product of year-long strategic planning process by faculty and administrators from all of IU’s regional campuses. It sets out a new collective mission and vision for the campuses, which complements each campus’ individual identity and character. Implementation of selected actions from the Blueprint will be the focus of University Regional Affairs in this academic year.

History of Indiana University
Ken Gros Louis, Emeritus University Chancellor
From the birth of Indiana University in 1820 to present, we will explore the development and growth highlights of the Indiana University campuses.  Providing valuable insight, humorous anecdotes, and a historical perspective on the institution’s leadership, Ken Gros Louis will share his wealth of IU knowledge in a personal and relatable way.

7 Deadly Sins of Customer Service
Doug Booher, Director Auditorium & Major University Events
Discover the keys to unlock the S=E+1 formula that has been employed in several areas on the Bloomington campus to insure the delivery of expert service to students, alumni and guests at hundreds of programs and events.  With a focus on seizing opportunities or "moments of truth" with customers, avoiding the "seven sins of service" and celebrating services successes, this presentation will provide you with concrete suggestions and strategies to enhance the service provided to your customers by your organization.

Student Services Initiative Project
Jim Kennedy, Associate Vice President for University Student Services and Systems
The administration announced that a student shared services model for student services will be implemented at Indiana University to increase service to students and faculty and to reduce operating costs through increased efficiency. Jim Kennedy will give an overview and status report of the Student Services Initiative Project.