Fiscal Officer Development Series (FODS) Alumni Session 2010

Campus Center
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Indianapolis, Indiana
October 21, 2010

Continental Breakfast

IU Fiscal Update
Neil Theobald, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
A review the 2009-10 fiscal year and a look ahead to the 2010-11 budget. VP Theobald will talk about what our long term budget challenges are and back-office administrative cost containment.

Tom Crean, Head Basketball Coach
Coach Crean will discuss what qualities he believes it takes to lead – whether it’s on the basketball court, in a board room or in your department. Coach Crean will talk about the importance of leaders and teammates to inspire each other and not just do their individual best.

IU Financial Policy Update
Kathleen McNeely, Associate Vice President Finance
An update on new or revised financial policies since October 2009. Kathleen will share the draft policies that are in progress and give you a brief update on the Benchmarking project.

Meet the Office of Public Safety & Institutional Assurance
Mark Bruhn, Associate Vice President Information & Infrastructure Assurance
Mark will present an overview of the organizational structure and mission of this fairly new office. He will share the strategies and plans for improving safety and emergency preparedness at Indiana University.

Future Directions for Development and Alumni Engagement
Marti Heil, Sr. Vice President of Development, IU Foundation
As private-sector support becomes increasingly important, the Foundation, development offices university-wide, and the Alumni Association are collaborating to make changes that will move Indiana University toward an even brighter philanthropic future.

Meet the New AVP of Internal Audit
Mike Gardner, Assistant Vice President, Internal Audit
Meet the new leader of internal audit. Mike will discuss his philosophy of internal audit, including how he would like the internal audit activity to relate to other areas within the university. He will also share the fiscal 2011 internal audit plan with the group and discuss how it was developed.