Fiscal Officer Development Series (FODS) Alumni Session 2009

Campus Center
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Indianapolis, Indiana
October 21, 2009

Continental Breakfast

IU Fiscal Update
Neil Theobald, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
A progress report on how Indiana University performed financial in the past year, a look at the State Appropriation for 2009-2011 and some perspectives on what the future might hold.

John Applegate, Vice President for Planning and Policy
The Office of the Vice President for Planning and Policy builds for the future of Indiana University by ensuring a strong and forward-looking foundation from which the university can pursue its missions of excellence in education, research, and engagement. VP Applegate will discuss how this office is working to achieve their mission.

Security Issues at IU – panel discussion
Mark Bruhn, Associate Vice President Information & Infrastructure Assurance
Beth Cate, Associate General Counsel
MaryFrances McCourt, Treasurer
Data security requirements continue to increase with both institutional and personal liability being targeted in standards and laws.  The panel will discuss security issues ranging from credit card information, to personal data such as social security number, to computer exposures, with a focus on informing fiscal officers of the exposures and opportunities to assist in protecting the institution.

Aligning Organizational Goals with Institutional Priorities
Mary Ellen McCann, University Organizational Development Consultant University Human Resources
To build a great organization, you need great leaders and effective people who execute the organization’s mission with excellence. There are four main reasons why execution of strategy breaks down: People don’t know the goals; People don’t know what to do about the goals; People don’t know the “score”; People aren’t accountable for the goals. The 4 Disciplines of Execution are: Focus on the Wildly Important – what to do; Act on Lead Measures – how to do it; Keep a Compelling Scoreboard – what success means; Create a Cadence of Accountability – an ongoing cycle of accountability that drives success.

Kuali Implementation Review and Demonstration
Kathleen McNeely, Associate Vice President & Executive Director FMS
Damon Dorsey, Financial Systems Coordinator/Project Leader
The Kuali Financial System is scheduled to replace both the university’s FIS and EPIC systems in 2011. This session will review the broad functionality of the system, the timeline for the IU implementation and major implementation decisions that have been made to date. We will end with an in depth demonstration of the system, focusing on functionality that is the same as the FIS while highlighting the new bells and whistles that the system offers.