Disbursement Voucher Certification

Indiana University requires all KFS users who will initiate disbursement vouchers (DVs) to obtain prior certification. Effective September 1, 2014, DV initiation is no longer part of the standard KFS User Role.

Bloomington and Regional Campuses


Indianapolis Campus


Required Training Courses:

Disbursement Voucher 1: Introductory

Disbursement voucher 2: Advanced


You must register for each course, as space is limited


Required Quiz:

Instructions for completing the quiz requirement will be provided upon completion of training. The quiz is hosted in E Training.

Required Training Course:

Disbursement Vouchers



You must register for the course, as space is limited


Required Quiz:

Instructions for completing the quiz requirement will be provided upon completion of training. The quiz is hosted in E Training.

Live Training Schedule

Currently, all DV training is live classroom training. Registration is required and hosted on the FMS Course Catalog for all campuses. Please navigate to the course catalog and choose the appropriate campus's KFS Financials catalog.

All regional staff must first contact their regional training coordinator before registering for classes. Regional staff registered for courses on the Bloomington campus will be provided a link to an Adobe Connect session so that they can attend remotely. Please work with your local IT person to ensure that your system is properly set up to use Adobe Connect.

 Remote attendance is offered only to employees of regional campuses (IUN, IUSB, IUK, IUE, and IUS). Make sure your campus training coordinator works with FMS Training in advance, as Adobe Connect classrooms are only set up when regional employees are registered.


Once your training completion has been verified, you may access the online certification quiz via IU’s E Training system. The format will be multiple-choice, with unlimited attempts allowed. A passing score will be 80% or better.

Anyone newly certified should allow 4-5 business days for DV initiation access to be granted.

To access DV Certification Quiz inetrainingimage.png

  1. Login to One.IU.
  2. Search for "E Training" and click the E Training tile.
  3. Select: Catalog.
  4. Select: University-wide.
  5. Select: Accounting & Finance.
  6. Select: Disbursement Voucher Certification.
  7. Select: Disbursement Voucher Quiz.


General Questions

Who needs to certify?

Anyone who will ever need to initiate/create any type of DV for any purpose must obtain certification. This includes anyone who may initiate a DV as coverage for a colleague on vacation or out of the office unexpectedly.

There will be no temporary access given in emergency situations. Please plan ahead and have contingencies in place.

Who does NOT need to certify?
KFS users who only review and approve DVs. These users will still be able to search, open, and take action on DVs as they always have. However, they may find the certification training to be valuable, and are certainly welcome to attend.

Why certify?

The Disbursement Voucher is a complex document with significant risk exposure. The DV is sending funds out the door with little recourse to the University, and often have tax implications for the payee. We want to be sure that all DV initiators are armed with the knowledge and resources needed to minimize that risk, while ensuring timely payment to our payees.

So… How do I get certified?

We are glad you asked. There are two required components to obtaining certification: complete training, and pass an online certification quiz. See the details above for more information.

Will I have to re-certify next year?
No. At this time, DV Certification is a one-time-only requirement!

Registration/Enrollment Questions

I work on a regional campus and want to attend in person in Bloomington, can I do that?

Absolutely. We understand that it takes a lot of time to get to Bloomington from all of the regional campuses so we are offering remote access via Adobe Connect on an individual and as-needed basis. Coordinate this advance with your campus training coordinator. Alternatively, you may certainly join us on-site in Bloomington. All that we ask is that you let us know in advance that you will be making the trip so we know that we do not need to set up the Adobe Connect session.

I've completed the training… Am I certified now?
Not yet. You will still need to pass the online certification quiz. Be aware that the quiz may not immediately become available to you. Please allow up to five business days for us to verify your training completion and to make the quiz available.

Wait, I still have more questions...
Not a problem. Just contact FMS Customer Service and we will be happy to guide you through the process. Call 812.855.0375 or submit the electronic support form at https://fms.iu.edu/support/.