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 Elisabeth Mason

Senior Training & Documentation Specialist

Sarah Chavez

Training & Documentation Specialist



Located on the Bloomington campus, the FMS Training Team provides consultation and designs training courses and various online resources to support the following finance-related functions across all Indiana University campuses:

  • Financial Processing in KFS
  • Timekeeping and payroll processing
  • General account management

Please note that any live instruction on your campus may be facilitated by local staff. Inquire with your local training coordinator for learning opportunities on your campus:

Bloomington FMS Training

Star Johnson - KFS, General Accounting

Kim Ladd - Faculty Payroll

Nancy Beaman - Non-faculty Payroll


Kaycia Myers - KFS, General Accounting

Bobbie Sewell - Payroll


Gabby VanAlstine - HR, Payroll

Gerry Stroman - Affirmative Action, EEO Compliance

Philemon Yebei - KFS, General Accounting

Northwest Susan Schaefer
South Bend Kathleen Pizaña
Southeast Stephanie Seewer

FMS Training publishes the FMS Newsletter quarterly. Our newsletter contains updates regarding policies and procedures, as well as tips and tricks for working within KFS.

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