Form 1098-T Electronic Consent and Retrieval

Register to receive your Form 1098-T electronically! The electronic Form 1098-T will be available before the traditionally mailed Form 1098-T. It is delivered as a PDF that can be printed or saved and you will not receive a mailed copy. An email notification will be sent to you from when the Form 1098-T is available for retrieval.


  1. 1098-T related functions are available in One.IU here. (Authentication Required)
  2. Click Start.
  3. Click Grant Consent at the bottom of the window
  4. Review the terms of the agreement 
  5. Check the agreement box and click Submit
  6. A notification will be sent to your university email
  7. To view available electronic versions click View 1098-T Selection
  8. Select the Tax Year(s) PDF for the 1098-T Details and electronic financial summary
  9. Retrieve, review, save, or print the details for your records

Please note the following important information regarding electronic delivery:

  • IRS Form 1098-T will be issued on paper and mailed to the Student Home Address if consent for electronic delivery of this form is not received prior to December 31. Students can review or modify the Student Home address through the Student Center in OneStart.
  • Consent for electronic delivery of IRS Form 1098-T will apply to statements issued each year until one of the following occurs:
    • Student access to One.IU Self-Service expires, or
    • Student makes a written request to revoke the electronic consent
  • Students who wish to revoke their consent for electronic delivery of IRS Form 1098-T must complete the "Revoke eConsent Request" form. Financial Management Services will send a confirmation of receipt to the student with the date the revocation takes effect. The withdrawal of consent for electronic delivery does not apply to electronically furnished statements issued before the date the withdrawal of consent takes effect.