Form 1098-T Electronic Access

The financial information provided on IRS Form 1098-T is intended to serve as a guide when preparing your personal income tax return. Taxpayers are responsible for maintaining adequate financial records to support any claim for an education tax credit or deduction. Students may access the electronic 1098-T form and a report of the qualified expenses paid along with scholarship/grants in summary form by following the instructions below.

Students with access to One.IU

  1. Access to the Electronic 1098-T is available in One.IU here after authenticating.
  2. Click Start.
  3. Click on the 20XX PDF link found in the table at the bottom of the window
  4. Retrieve, review, save, or print the details for your records

Students who opt to receive paper forms

  1. See Tax Form Forecast.
  2. If the form has not been received visit 1098-T Duplicate Form Request.
    1. Note: Requests for current tax season forms (Tax Year due April 15) cannot be made until February 10th to allow time for the form to reach its destination.

Parents, Taxpayers, and Tax Preparers

  • Form 1098-T is subject to sensitive data and privacy procedures and is governed by federal and state privacy laws.
  • Tax information will only be provided at the request of the student after obtaining confirmation of identity.
  • Ask your student if they have access to Student Self-Service in One.IU. If the answer is yes, you may want to ask the student to grant you 3rd party access so you may view and download their Form 1098-T.

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