Form 1098-T Duplicate Request

Form 1098-T tax statements for students who have electronically consented are available as of the release date in early to mid January . Please review our Tax Form Forecast to see when the form is expected to be released before requesting a duplicate copy. You cannot request a duplicate copy of mailed forms until February 10 to allow time for forms to reach their destination.


If you consent to electronic delivery now all prior year data will be viewable including any forms generated.

Online Form Request

Students with access to One.IU

  1. Access to 1098-T related functions is available through One.IU here after authenticating.
  2. Click Start
  3. Select the Tax Year(s) PDF for the 1098-T Details and electronic financial summary
  4. Retrieve, review, save, or print the details for your records

Printed Form Request

Students without access to One.IU, but have a username and passphrase.

  1. Visit Duplicate Tax Form Requests after authenticating.
  2. Complete the online request form
  3. Detailed financial information is available in the Financial section of Self-Service
  4. See instructions above for online retrieval of detailed financial information

Students unable to access One.IU and do not have an active username.

  1. Complete a duplicate tax form request available as a Fillable PDF
  2. Mail or fax the completed request to the address listed on the form