Indiana University

Financial Management Services

Request for ITQ/FNIS password

The ITQ and access to FNIS are only necessary for International students and International employees.
If you are a US Citizen you do not need access to FNIS.
If you are a visitor/vendor at IU request a password here.


Access requests are now sent through an application that requires CAS authentication. When submitted an email will be sent to IU International Tax and access will be reviewed and granted in two to three business days.


Click here to access the application for students and employees



International Visitors/Vendors [Individuals ONLY] wishing to apply for Tax Treaty

For access to FNIS please request a password here.
Your IU Vendor ID ######-# and an email address are required for submission.

For help completing FNIS please visit FNIS Help for Vendors



Return to FNIS Help for Students/Employees.