Is a W8 Valid?

W8s have an expiration date of 3 years plus the current. When paying an existing vendor the tax form on file might be expired and payment will not be approved without a new W8.


To aid users, the Vendor Summary in IUIE now has a calculated field to indicate if the W8 referenced in the vendor record is valid and not expired.


When running the vendor summary please include the W8 Is Valid field in your results.


The field is calculated using the following logic:


A W8 is valid for 4 years. If today's date is 1460 days from the W8 Signed Date on file, the indicator will be set to Y. The form is still valid.


If it’s over 4 years from today the indicator changes to N.


If the vendor is foreign, there is no W8 signed date, and the vendor does not have a W9 on file it’s set to N. A vendor could have no tax forms received or a W8 received is indicated, but there no signed date in the record.


If the vendor has a W9 on file, regardless of foreign status, it’s set to N/A.


If you plan on paying a vendor and the valid status is N please collect a new W8 and send it to the appropriate vendor workgroup after initiating a vendor change (PVEN) document with the updated signed date. This bit of research will help your payment through tax approval.


See the NRA quick payment guide for more information.