Form W-8BEN and W-8BEN-E

The IRS has prepared two forms to identify foreign entities; the revised W-8BEN will be used exclusively by foreign individuals and the newly created W-8BEN-E will be used for all other foreign entities. IU also provides a single page substitute W-8BEN-E for businesses. The W-BEN displays a revised date of July 2017 on the form. These should be used for all new vendors:

Please note that W8s have an expiration date and a W8 on file might no longer be valid for an existing vendor.

The W-8BEN for individuals and instructions can be found on the IRS website. It should be used by individuals to document their foreign status and claim any applicable treaty benefits. **New Form Rev July 2017**

* For Individuals *

W-8 BEN Header

Substitute Form W-8BEN-E for non-FACTA payments can be found below. This version of the form has been reduced to a single page. A second page of instructions includes electronic delivery consent. Please send both pages to vendors and/or return both pages to IU to consent to electronic delivery.

* For Businesses *



Form W-8BEN-E for businesses can be found on the IRS website, as well. NOTE: The new version of this form dated July 2017.


* For Businesses *