FNIS (Foreign National Information System) HELP for Employees and Students

This information is provided to help you complete the FNIS questionnaire as an international employee or international student. For help as a vendor please visit FNIS Help for Vendors. It is presented in the same order as the questions asked within the questionnaire.


For access to FNIS please request a password here. CAS authentication required.

To access your existing account and/or reset your password visit the Thompson Reuters IU portal.

Step 1: Basic Information

  • Identification (reminder, this is a secure site):

    • Social security number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN); if you have either number you are required to provide it to IU for tax purposes. If you do not yet have a SSN please visit the Office of International Services website. The process of applying for an ITIN is explained on the University Tax Services website.

    • Institution-Assigned ID Number is your IUID, the ten digit number beginning with three "zeroes" you received when you first arrived at IU. The other numbers listed in this section may be ignored.
    • Foreign Taxpayer ID is not required, but if you have one please enter it here.

Step 2: Individual Information

  • Dependents:

    • Generally dependents are your children (son or daughter) who are under age 19 for whom you provided more than half of their support (expenses of living such as food, lodging, education)

  • Claiming personal exemption:

    • You will want to claim your personal exemption to reduce any US income tax that may be withheld from the wages you receive from Indiana University.

Step 4: Additional Information

  • Self-Employment:

    • To be self-employed means that you have your own business in the US and offer services to your customers for a fee. Most nonresident students, faculty and staff are not also self-employed.
  • Other Information:

    • Full Time Program:
      • If you are a student, you will be full time if you are enrolled in 12 credit hours as an undergrad or 6-8 credit hours as a graduate during fall or spring semesters.
      • If you are here on a J visa as a researcher, teacher or staff you will be considered to be here with the primary purpose to teach or conduct research and are considered here under a "full time program".
    • Do you wish to claim treaty benefits if they are available?
      • Please indicate "yes" if you want IU to determine if you qualify for tax treaty benefits. If you are not certain, answer "yes".
      • Residents of some countries may be entitled to reduced income tax rates or exemption from tax under a tax treaty between their country and the U.S.
      • Indiana University will be required to withhold income taxes from your wages or the taxable portion of your scholarship if you do not claim treaty benefits or do not qualify for benefits.
    • You can find more information regarding tax treaties on our website

Step 5: Visa/Immigration Status History

The information provided in this section is most important as it will determine whether you are a resident or a nonresident for tax purposes while you are at IU. It will determine if you qualify for tax treaty benefits or not.


Begin with your most recent (current) visa/immigration information:

If you arrived on December 30, 2014 under a J-1 status and your DS-2019 indicates you will be a researcher from 1/15/15-12/31/15; your first immigration status would be J-1; J Subcategory will be Research Scholar; you must chose the primary purpose of your visit from the drop down box. Where it asks "First Day in U.S.in this Status" you will put your I-94 entry stamp or the first day on your DS-2019, whichever is earlier. In this case, you would enter 30/12/2014. Where it asks "Last Day in U.S. in this Status" you will put 31/12/15 for this example.

If your next most recent visit was as a tourist, as a WT, and you arrived on July 4, 2014 and left on July 23, 2014, you would chose under Immigration Status; VWT and chose your primary purpose from the drop down box (probably "Tourism"). For "First Day in U.S. in this Status" you would put 04/07/2014 and 23/07/2014 for the "Last Day in U.S. in this Status".

If prior to this you were a student obtaining your Masters degree on an F-1 visa with an I-20 beginning August 1, 2011 and your last day in the U.S. as a student under this F-1 was May 31, 2013, then you would select F-1 Student as your "Immigration Status", Primary Purpose, "Studying in a Degree Program"; "First Day in U.S. in this Status" 01/08/2011 and "Last Day in U.S. in this Status" 31/05/2013.

If prior to your masters you spent time in the U.S. studying for your undergraduate degree, you would list this information under a separate immigration status.


Administrator Confirmation:

  • Do not click "finish" until you have completed all sections and reviewed your data. You may save your information and return to complete the questionnaire at a later date.
  • REMEMBER TO CLICK "PRINT", SIGN AND SAVE YOUR CONFIRMATION before submitting. We will collect the signed form when your information has been verified. You will receive an email with further instructions once your information has been reviewed.

For further help contact IU International Tax.