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FNIS: Description of U.S. Tax Forms

Some of the forms listed below may not apply to you and therefore were not sent to you.

1. Form W-8BEN: Requires your signature & date. It certifies that you are a nonresident alien (NRA) for U.S. tax purposes. IF PART II is filled in, you are qualified for tax treaty benefits on your scholarship.

2. Form W-9: Requires your signature & date. It certifies that you are now considered a resident for U.S. tax purposes and that you have provided the university your correct tax identification number and correct U.S. address.

3. Form W-4: Requires your signature & date. Numbers 3 and 5 should be completed. It reflects the number of allowances used when IU calculates the amount of federal income tax to withhold from your wages. The more allowances allowed, the lower the taxable income and therefore the lower the income tax withheld.

4. Form 8233: Requires your signature & date on Page 2, Part III Certification and also on page 3. This form allows tax treaty benefits to be applied to your wages earned through employment. The amount of tax treaty available varies by country and can reduce your income tax withholdings to zero on part or all of your wages.

5. Form WH-4: Requires you to complete it, sign & date. This is required for proper income tax withholding for the State of Indiana and the county in Indiana that you live in or work in. Here is a link to the Form WH-4.

6. Form 1042-S: Provides information for your use in filing your annual U.S. income tax reporting form 1040NR. It will report taxable scholarships you received and any federal and Indiana income tax withheld on your behalf during the calendar year. If you had tax treaty, the amount of income covered under tax treaty will be reported on this form. The Form 1042-S is prepared by Indiana University early in February following the calendar year.


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