Employment New employees need to submit the international tax questionnaire. An overview of work requirements for international faculty/staff.
Scholarships/Fellowships Scholarships/Fellowships may be taxable to the student. Directions on the calculation used to determine tax withholding on aid received.
Foreign Vendors/Supplier Payments made to foreign vendors need to be reviewed by Tax. An informative listing of directions to follow for approval of these payments.
Quick Guide Payments to international visitors are reviewed by Tax. A quick overview of documentation needed before a payment can be made.
Prizes & Awards IRS regulations require that an NRA receiving a prize/award be subject to 30% federal tax withholding on the payment. A guide to reporting these payments for initiators.
Travel Directions on making travel payments to international visitors.
Tax Treaty Benefits Residents of certain countries may be entitled to reduced tax rates or exemption from tax under a tax treaty between their country and the US. Instructions on applying for these benefits.
Individual Taxpayer Identification Number A resident of another country must have an ITIN prior to applying for tax treaty benefits. A guide to applying for a number.
Frequently Asked Questions FAQs on questions related to the ITIN application process and payroll issues for non-residents.
Definitions A complete listing of defined terms that apply to international students, staff/faculty and visitors.
031.png International Tax -  Quick Timeline A quick, two page timeline for international visitors to IU, includes important tax dates and useful links for tax reporting.