Form W-2 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive my Form W-2 electronically?

For current tax year ending 12-31-20XX, consent to receive your W-2 online by January 7thof the following year. Please update your consent in One.IU by visiting this page. (Authentication Required)

When will I know when my W-2 is ready?

You will receive an email notifying you that your Form W-2 is available for you to view or download online. Please be sure to indicate a valid email address for your notification when you elect for electronic delivery.

What if I don’t receive my W-2 or lose the form?

·         Your W-2 will remain available online, and after February 10th, all employees can go to OneStart > Employee Center > Payroll & Tax and view/print the Form W-2 by clicking on View W-2 Data. Or, you can request a duplicate by completing the form at the link below:

  • ORDER by FORM - A duplicate Form W-2 will be mailed to a specified address.
How do I request a Duplicate Form W-2?

Whether you decided to receive your original W-2 online or through the traditional mailing process, a duplicate W-2 can be "delivered" in multiple ways.

Duplicates are not available until February 10th. This allows time for you to receive the form through US mail including time for forwarding. Please review our Tax Form Forecast to see when the form is expected to be released before requesting a duplicate copy.


ORDER by FORM - A duplicate Form W-2 will be mailed to a specified address.

What if I no longer work for the University? How do I request a duplicate tax form?

You will retain access to receive your W-2 online until the 15th of October of the year following your termination if you have provided an alternate non-IU email address. You may request a paper copy of your Form W-2 after February 10th by completing the form below:

  • Former employees that no longer have access to university systems: Fillable PDF
How do I change my delivery method back to mail delivery?

You may revoke your consent for electronic delivery of your Form W-2 through One.IU here. (Authentication Required) Additionally, you may revoke your consent by completing the form at the link below:

Please make sure your address is up to date via One.IU.

Was Indiana University required to issue a Form W-2 to me?

A W-2 is required to be issued to employees to report taxable wages, and the associated income and employment taxes that were withheld, during the calendar year. There are a few situations where an employee may be expecting a W-2 but one is not issued by Indiana University:

  • the payments issued to you did not constitute wages although they may be considered taxable income, OR
  • the wages you received were exempt from reporting on the W-2 because you claimed the benefits of an income tax treaty, OR
  • the wages you received were earned outside of the United States AND you are not a U.S. person (foreign sourced income).
I was paid during the year, and have not received a W-2. Why?

The Form W-2 is generally required to be post-marked by January 31st each year. Forms are printed and mailed during the last week of January. The form is mailed to the Employee Home address recorded in university records as of January 7th. If you moved but failed to update your Employee Home address prior to January 7th, the US Postal Service will forward the tax document to your new address if you filed a change of address form with their office. Please update your address record at IU through One.IU. Undeliverable Forms W-2 are returned to the FMS Customer Service office in Bloomington.

Visit the Tax Form Forecast page to monitor the status of the tax forms issued by Indiana University.

How do I request a corrected Form W-2?

University Tax Services is able to correct errors discovered on Form W-2 but may require substantiation and submission of the Request for Corrected Tax Form document. The request form contains the mailing address and fax number for submission.

Common correction requests:

My name is incorrect or my Tax ID is incorrect or missing

  • The Form W-2 should contain the last name and tax ID that appears on your Social Security card. The information used on the Form W-2 reflects official university records. If this information is incorrect, please submit a copy of your Social Security card with your request for a corrected tax form. Our office will work with the appropriate offices at Indiana University to correct the official records and will issue a corrected Form W-2.

The address used on my Form W-2 is inaccurate

  • The Employee Home address is used for issuing Form W-2. A corrected W-2 will not be issued to correct an address. The IRS requires that you include your most current mailing address on your income tax return. Employees can update their Employee Home address electronically through One.IU here. (Authentication Required) Individuals that are no longer able to access OneStart as an employee should complete an employee Personal Profile Form to correct the Home Address in the university system.

I disagree with at least one of the financial amounts reported on the Form W-2

  • University Tax Services has produced the W-2 based on the transactions that have occurred on your payroll record. These transactions reflect paychecks issued, overpayments processed, refunds issued, non-cash fringe benefit adjustments, and corrections to balances based the instructions for properly reporting information on Form W-2. Generally, the figures used on the W-2 match the figures on your final pay advice for payments issued in that calendar year. If an adjustment was required after the final pay was issued, you may find an additional pay advice representing the adjustment in your list of pay advices even though you may have not been aware that this adjustment occurred. Please compare your W-2 to the Payroll YTD Totals in One.IU (Authentication Required)

The locality listed on the W-2 is not accurate

The Social Security and Medicare Wage amount is missing or is different than my Federal taxable wage

  • Please review the W-2 box 3 and box 5 descriptions provided for in W-2 Box Codes and Descriptions. There are several possible explanations for why these figures won't match.
Who can I contact with questions?

Phone: (812) 855-0375
Address: FMS Customer Service – Poplars 527, Bloomington Campus
How do I re-calculate my Box 1 on my W-2?

To recalculate your Box 1 of your W-2, you will need to log into OneStart. From the home page, go to “Services” > “Employee Center” > “Payroll & Tax” > “View Payroll YTD Totals”. You should see the “View Payroll YTD Totals” as a link on the left side of the screen under the Payroll Information tab. Click on the link and this will take you to a new page.

In the “As-of-Date” enter 12/31/XXXX of the tax year in which you are reviewing. For example, for 2014 tax data, you would enter 12/31/2014.

Once completed, you will see a year-to-date summary of your earnings, before-tax deductions, after-tax deductions (if applicable) and taxes withheld.

 Your Box 1 total on your Form W-2 will be your total Earnings less your total Before-Tax Deductions. For complete instructions, please see TSOP 3.03 - Calculating Box Totals on Form W-2