Indiana University Tax Services is committed to issuing the year-end tax statements as accurately and promptly as possible. Although the IRS allows issuers until January 31st to "timely file" most year-end tax statements, we understand your interest in gathering the necessary paperwork early to possibly file for an income tax refund or complete the FAFSA. We appreciate your patience as our staff work diligently to prepare over 200,000 year-end tax statements. The forecast will be updated immediately upon a change in status or expectation in delivery date. Please monitor this forecast for the most current information.


***Please note: Duplicate forms may be requested after February 15th.  Any requests for duplicate forms received before that date will not be processed.  You may request duplicate forms here for current employees, retirees and students, and here for everyone else.***


The IRS will begin accepting tax return filings beginning on January 27, 2020.


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W-2 Wage and Tax Statement 1/15/20 1/31/20 
54,008 78%
1098-T Tuition Statement 1/24/20 1/31/20 121,724  91% 
1098-E Student Loan Interest 1/31/20      
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income -- 1/29/20 6,086 



1099-K Merchant Card and Third-Party Network Payments -- 1/29/20 
 141 -- 
1042-S Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding 2/14/20  2/24/20 1,555   57%
Fellowship Letters Fellowship and insurance amounts provided to individuals --  1/24/20   --

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