University Tax Services

Our department, under Financial Management Services, contributes to the University's overall success by advancing compliance with Federal and State tax laws throughout the university community.

Employees Useful information on paycheck taxes, Form W-2 and fringe benefits. The section also covers information for employees living and working outside the state.

All payments to international visitors are reviewed by the IU Tax Department. A comprehensive listing of all tax information for these payments is under this subject.

Sales & Use Tax While the university is tax exempt from most income taxes associated with revenue from our exempt purpose, IU is not always exempt from state sales tax. This topic discusses issues related to collecting and paying sales tax.
Students Helpful topics for students and staff related to Form 1098-T and scholarships/fellowships.
Independent Contractors Includes information on Form W-9 and Form 1099-MISC. A guide to independent contractor/employee determination.
Unrelated Business Income Tax The university is subject to income tax on activities that are unrelated to our mission. This section discusses all the criteria, definitions and examples used to determine this income.
Frequently Asked Questions A helpful listing of questions and answers for a variety of topics related to taxes and our department.
About Us A contact page for all Tax staff along with a listing of responsibilities. The tax form forecast scheduling all forms issued by the department.