FMS Standard Operating Procedures

FMS has developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to accompany and supplement various IU policies. The intent of the SOPs is to provide detailed, operational instructions to units and departments for processing purposes. Below is a listing of all FMS areas with Standard Operating Procedures and a link to the individual pages.

  1. Accounting and Financial Reporting - FSOPs (coming soon)
  2. Accounts Payable - APSOPs (coming soon)
  3. Accounts Receivable - ARSOPs
  4. Auxiliary Accounting - ASOPs
  5. Capital Assets - CSOPs
  6. Cash Control and Custodial Funds - CCSOPs (coming soon)
  7. Financial Operating Systems and Reports (PDP) - OSOPs
  8. Payroll - PSOPs
  9. Recharge and Cost Accounting - RSOPs
  10. Tax - TSOPs