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About FMS Training staff and services.


Information about FMS payroll

About Collections

About Collections

About Us

About Us

Mission Statement and auxiliary email

About Us

Mission Statement and Roles and Responsibilities

About Us

Mission, Roles, and Responsibilities of Non-Student Accounts Receivable. Also contains sign up for Mystery Check mailing list

Account Delegates

Accountable Plan

Reimbursements under the accountable plan IRS rules

Accounting Terminology

Accounts and Object Codes

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Accrued Payroll Liability Variance

ACH Authorization


Electronic Payments

Action List

Active Contract Pay Summary - New - Dept Access

Ad Hoc Recipients

Additional Pay Detail - Dept

Adjustment Voucher Verification and Approval Process

AR Contacts

Accounts Receivable Contacts

AR Policies and AR Standard Operating Procedures

Accounts Receivable Policies, Accounts Receivable and Auxiliary Standard Operating Procedures, and Approved Collection Agencies

AR Processing Org assignments for Billing Orgs

ASOP 1.0

ASOP 10.0

ASOP 11.0

ASOP 12.0

ASOP 13.0

ASOP 14.0

ASOP 15.0

ASOP 16.0

ASOP 17.0

ASOP 18.0

ASOP 19.0

ASOP 2.0

ASOP 20.0

ASOP 21.0

ASOP 22.0

ASOP 23.0

ASOP 26.0

ASOP 27:0

ASOP 3.0

ASOP 33.0

ASOP 35.0

ASOP 4.0

ASOP 44.0

ASOP 47.0

ASOP 49.0

ASOP 5.0

ASOP 6.0

ASOP 7.0

ASOP 8.0

ASOP 9.0

Asset Lookup

Auto Approved Timesheet Detail

Auxiliary Accounting

Auxiliary Accounting

Auxiliary Accounting

Auxiliary Accounting

Auxiliary Accounting

Auxiliary Accounting

Auxiliary Contacts

auxiliary inbox details, staff emails/phone numbers, sub-pages for consultants and campus administrators

Auxiliary Forum

downloads of files from past Auxiliary Forums

Auxiliary Quarterly Variance Analysis Instructions

Auxiliary Standard Operating Procedures

all ASOPs

Available Balances

Balances by Consolidation

Basic Doc Search

Benefit Forms

Best Practices for Physical Inventory

Budget Adjustment

Budget Construction Import Guide

Budget Construction Reference Guide

Bulk Timesheet Approvals


calendar of important dates


Collection of calendars of events relevant to payroll.

Campus Administrators

list of campus adminstrators

Campus Inventory Contacts

CAMS Closing

CAMS Closing

CAMS Closing

CAMS Closing

CAMS Closing

CAMS Documents in KFS

Capital Asset Standard Operating Procedures

Capital Assets

Capital Assets

Capital Purchases in BUY.IU

Card Readers for Time Kiosks

Cash Balances

Cash Control

Cash Control FAQ

Cash Control Unclaimed Property Quick Reissue

Cash Control Workflow Instructions

Central Payroll Office

Resources available to the central payroll offices on all the campuses of Indiana University

Chart Codes

Chart of Account Managers

Check Status and Stop Payments


Lockbox Information

Class Registration

Clearing Accounts

Clearing Accounts

Clearing Accounts

Clearing Accounts

Clearing Accounts

Clearing Accounts

Clock Log Automatic - 24hr Clock Out

Clock Log Detail

Clock Log Warning - Unapproved Location

Codes & Definitions

Collecting Sales Tax

Collection Agencies

Collection Agencies

Collection Matrix


Committee Members

Committee Members

Common DV Mistakes

Complimentary Tickets


Contact information for supervisors and payroll processors.

Contact Us

Contact Us


Operations Area Contacts



Contract & Grant Accounts

Contract and Grant Closing

Contract and Grant Closing

Contract and Grant Closing

Contract and Grant Closing

Contract and Grant Closing

Contract Pay Processing

Contractor vs. Employee

Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting Contacts

Course Catalogs

Credit Cards

Link to PayPlus Site

Criteria for UBIT

Critical Data in KFS

Critical Data in KFS Videos

CSOP 1.0 Capitalization Rules

CSOP 10.0 Trade-in of Similar Capital Equipment

CSOP 11.0 Equipment Lease vs. Purchase

CSOP 12.0 Fabricated Equipment

CSOP 13.0 Certificate of Substantial Completion

CSOP 14.0 Capitalization Entries to the General Ledger

CSOP 15.0 Merge an Asset

CSOP 16.0 Movable Equipment - Construction in Process to Complete

CSOP 17.0 Transfer Title from Federally Owned

CSOP 2.0 Asset Retirement

CSOP 22.0 Accounting for the Impairment of Capital Assets

CSOP 26.0 Capitalization of Signage

CSOP 3.0 Asset Transfer

CSOP 31.0 Mass Purchase of Equipment and Other Durables

CSOP 32.0 Capital Equipment Purchased for Resale

CSOP 33.0 Capitalization of Found Equipment

CSOP 34.0 Pollution Remediation Obligation

CSOP 38.0 Capital Assets Not Expected to be Received in Current FY

CSOP 39.0 Computer Software

CSOP 4.0 Physical Inventories

CSOP 40.0 Transfer-in Capital Assets

CSOP 42.0 Capitalization of a Cluster

CSOP 43.0 Capitalization of Asbestos Abatement Cost

CSOP 5.0 Tagging Moveable Equipment

CSOP 6.0 Equipment Loan

CSOP 7.0 IU Gifts

CSOP 8.0 Capitalization of Moveable Equipment

CSOP 9.0 Capital Lease Agreements

Curriculum 2011-2012 Sessions

Curriculum 2012-2013 Sessions

Curriculum 2013-2014 Sessions

Custodial Fund Forms

Custodial Fund Procedures

Custodial Fund Uploader

Custodial Funds


Customer History Report

December Monthly Pay

This page contains updates/FAQs regarding payments to monthly employees for the month of December.



Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit FAQ

Frequently asked questions by staff at IU in regards to direct deposit for paychecks.

Disbursement Voucher Overview

Disbursement Vouchers (DV)

Distribution of Income and Expense

Doc Type Hierarchy

Document Library

Forms and procedural documentation for disbursement vouchers.

Document Routing


Documents Required

Duplicate Request

DV Certification

Page contianing information regarding DV Certification

DV General Guidelines

Basic information on the purpose and appropriate use of DVs. Includes payment reason descriptions, object code restrictions, and information on reportable (taxable) object codes

DV Routing

Standard routing structure for DVs, and how to read the route log.

DV Step 2

DV Step 3

DV Step 4

DV Step 5

DV Step 6

E-Invoice Tool Signup

Information about signing up for and using the electronic invoice application.

Education Tax Credits

Electronic Consent

Electronic Form Access

Employee Information

Employee List of Positions



Information to help general employees in regards to payroll.



Exception to Policy Form - Accountable Plan

Exceptions to UBIT


Frequently Asked Questions regarding disbursement vouchers.







all FAQs for auxiliary accounting


Frequently Asked Questions





Frequently asked questions regarding UFF.

Fiscal Approvers/Officer Voucher Report Datagroup

Fiscal Officer Development Series

FiUF Topics

FMS Newsletter

FMS Newsletter Archives

All back issues of the FMS Newsletter

FMS Newsletter Q1 2015

FMS Newsletter Q1 2016

FMS Newsletter Q2 2015

FMS Newsletter Q2 2016

FMS Newsletter Q3 2015

FMS Newsletter Q4 2014

FMS Newsletter Q4 2015



FNIS Help for Vendors

FNIS Password Reset Request

FNIS Password Reset Request

FNIS: Description of U.S. Tax Forms

FODS Alumni Session 2008

FODS Alumni Session 2009

FODS Alumni Session 2010

FODS Alumni Session 2011

FODS Alumni Session 2012

FODS Alumni Session 2013

Food & Beverage

For Employees

For Parents and Students

For Vendors


Foreign Vendors

Form 1042-S

Form 1098-T

Form 1099-MISC

Form Flowchart

Form W-2

Form W-8BEN

Form W-9


Forms and Certificates

Fringe Benefits

General Accounting Adjustment

General Ledger Balance

General Ledger Balance Inquiry Overview

General Ledger Entry

General Ledger Pending Entry

General Tax FAQs

Governmental Links

History of FODS

Holiday Processing for Staff in BW1 and BWP Paygroups


HRMS Access

HRMS Departmental Security

HRMS Pay Groups

HRMS Security Table: My Access

ID Billing Contacts

ID Billing Resources

ID Billing SCP Information

Identity Theft Prevention Program

Identity Theft Prevention Program

IN Exemption Certificate

Inactivate a Vendor Record

Independent Contractor Questionnaire

Independent Contractors

Indiana University W-9

Indiana University W-9 for Customers

Institutional Data

Institutional Financial Report and Chart of Accounts

Internal Billing


International Tax Processing Flow

International Tax Timeline

Inventory FAQ

Inventory Procedures

IRS Accountable Plan

Is a W8 valid?


ITQ Password Request Confirmation

IU Foundation

IU Foundation

IU Foundation

IU Foundation

IU Foundation

IU Foundation

IUIE Access

IUIE Documentation

Information relevant to the Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE) financial reports

IUIE Payroll Reports

A listing of IUIE reports available to payroll processors and help on running each of the reports available.

IUIE Reports

description and list of commonly used IUIE reports related to Auxiliaries

IUIE Reports

IUIE Reports

Various AR Reports

IUIE Reports

IUIE Reports

Job Action Activity

Job and TIME Detail

Journal Voucher

KFS 5.3 Vendor W-8 Requirements

KFS 53 Release Notes

KFS 7.0 Upgrade

KFS AR and Training Documentation

KFS AR Customer and Database Maintenance

KFS AR Module Biller & Viewer Access Questionnaire

KFS Data in IUIE

KFS Document Layout

KFS Financial Processing Documents

KFS Financial Processing Documents

KFS Financial Processing Documents

KFS FP Documents

KFS FP Documents

KFS FP Documents

KFS Import Templates

Available CSV templates for importing to various KFS documents


KFS Release Notes

KFS Support Documentation

KFS Training Environment

KFS User Role Audits

KFS/IUIE Training

KPME Datagroups

Kuali Enterprise Dashboard FAQs

Kuali Enterprise Dashboard FAQs

Kuali Financial System

Materials relevant to the Kuali Financial System at Indiana University

Kuali Time

Kuali Time process documentation

Kuali Time

Kuali Time process documentation

Kuali Time Documentation and Video Tutorials

Kuali Time FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about Kuali Time.

Kuali Time FAQs

Kuali Time System Requirements

Labor Ledger - Actuals Only

Labor Ledger Empl Summary w Fringes

Labor Ledger Entry - Actual Data

Labor Ledger Summary by Person

Labor Object Codes and Rates

Last Paycheck by Empl Rcd

Leave Balances - Dept Access

Living Outside Indiana

Local Tax Codes

Mailing List

Missed Punch Auto Approval

Missed Punch Detail



Mission and Outcomes

Monitoring Unclaimed Property

Monthly Interest Rates on Cash Deficits

Moving Assets to Plant Fund

Moving Expenses

New Employee Checklist

Non Student AR Review

Non-Student Accounts Receivable

Non-Student Accounts Receivable Questionnaire

Nonresident vs. Resident

Notes and Attachments

NRA Payments Matrix

NRA Withholding Calculator

NSAR Administration Documents

Open Encumbrances


Other Considerations

Other Exemption Certificates

Other Tax

Overpayment Processing

Paperless New Hire Emails

Paperless New Hire FAQ

Answers many common questions about the paperless new hire process.

Paperless New Hire Procedures

Parking and Transportation

Participant Payment Vendors

Past Conference Materials

Pay Dates


Details about the paycard for employees who do not set up direct deposit.

Paycheck Earn Code Detail - Dept Access

Paycheck Employee Hours

Paycheck Employee Hours - Dept Access

Paycheck Modeler

Paycheck Modeler FAQ

Paycheck No Pay Earn Code Detail

Paycheck Social Security Summary

Paycheck Tax Summary

Paycheck Tax Withholding Detail

Paycheck Taxes

Paycheck Wage Summary

Paying Sales Tax

Payment Information and Indiana University W-9

Remittance information by campus, Online credit card payments, and ACH/wire payments

Payment Methods

DV payment methods: check/ACH, foreign draft, wire transfer.


Payroll Accruals

Payroll Adjustment Voucher Details

Payroll Conference 2014

Presentation and other materials used in the Payroll Conference 2014 held on the Bloomington campus

Payroll Hours Balance BW1 Summary

Payroll Hours Balance BWP Summary

Payroll Processors

Payroll SOPs and other general information for payroll processors

Payroll SOP 1.0

Payroll SOP 10.0

Payroll SOP 11.0

Payroll SOP 12.0

Payroll SOP 13.0

Payroll SOP 14.0

Payroll SOP 15.0

Payroll SOP 16.0

Payroll SOP 17.0

Payroll SOP 18.0

Payroll SOP 19.0

Payroll SOP 2.0

Payroll SOP 20.0

Payroll SOP 21.0

Payroll SOP 22.0: Automatic Meal Periods

Payroll SOP 23.0

PSOP 23: Paycheck and Paycard Pick-Up

Payroll SOP 3.0

Payroll SOP 4.0

Payroll SOP 5.0

Payroll SOP 6.0

Payroll SOP 7.0

Payroll SOP 8.0

Payroll SOP 9.0

Payroll SOPs

Payroll standard operating procedures

Payroll Training

Documentation relevant to the payroll portion of Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

PDP Standard Operating Procedures

Personal Use of a Vehicle


IU policies related to Cost Accounting

Policies and Regulations

Printable Forms

Listing of all payroll forms that can be printed out if required.

Privacy Notice

Prizes & Awards

Prizes & Awards

Procedures and Policies

Procurement Cards (P-Cards)

Production Reports

Production Reports

Production Reports

Production Reports

Production Reports

Production Reports

PSOP 1.0

PSOP 10.0

PSOP 11.0

PSOP 12.0

PSOP 13.0

PSOP 14.0

PSOP 15.0

PSOP 2.0

PSOP 3.0

PSOP 4.0

PSOP 5.0

PSOP 6.0

PSOP 7.0

PSOP 8.0

PSOP 9.0

Purchases Matrix

Qualified Expenses

Quick Guide

Rate Template & Instructions

Recharge Standard Operating Procedures

standard operating procedures for recharge centers

Red Flag Contacts

Red Flag Contacts

Red Flag FAQs

Red Flag FAQs

Red Flag reference information

Red Flag reference information

Red Flag Survey - 2017 - BL/IN

Red Flags

Red Flags Standard Operating Procedures

Red Flag Rules Standard Operating Procedures

Reference Guides

Reference Information

contains all reference materials for Auxiliary Accounting

Reference Information

Reference Information

Regional Training

Remitting Sales Tax

Reportable Object Codes



KFS and IUIE reports to you track DV status, supporting documentation submission, and vendor ACH authorization.

Request for ITQ password

Request for ITQ password vendor


Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

RSOP 1.0

RSOP 10.0

RSOP 2.0

RSOP 3.0

RSOP 4.0

RSOP 5.0

RSOP 6.0

RSOP 7.0

RSOP 8.0

RSOP 9.0

Safeguarding Customer Information

Sales Tax

Savings Tool

Savings Tool FAQ



Search Results

Service Billing Authorization

Site Index

Speaker Bios

Short biographies for speakers of UFF series.

Staff and Contacts

Staff Directory

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Reports

Status of Payments

Stop a Pending Direct Deposit

Stop Payment General Procedures

Stopping a Pending Direct Deposit Transaction

Student Loans


Subscribe to the KFS-L Mailing List

Substitute Treaty W-8BEN-E Forms

Application for substitute W-8BEN-E forms with treaty the treaty section completed.

Suggestion Box

Super Approval Request

Procedures for requesting super approval of KFS documents

Super Approval Request

Procedures for requesting super approval of KFS documents


Supporting Documentation

Collecting, submitting and retaining DV supporting documentation.

System User Role


Tax Form Forecast

Tax Immigration Document Upload

Tax Information

Tax Resources

Tax Treaty Benefits

Taxable Prizes & Awards

Technical Problems

Termination Processing Procedures for Staff Employees


Time Auto Approval Audit

Time Exception Request

Time Exception Request

Time Recording Audit

Time Roles

Time System Specifications

List of minimum system requirements for using Kauli Time.

Timeblock Detail

Timeblock Exceeds Hours

Timekeeping Hours Summary

Timesheet Correction Report

Timesheet Hours Audit

Timesheet Notes



Training Facility

Poplars W183 room rental information

Transfer of Funds


Tuition Benefit


UFF Schedule

This page contains a tentative schedule for UFF events.

UFF Topics

Summary of topics covered in each session

Un/Related Matrix

University Accounting Service

University Finance Fundamentals

General information for UFF

Upgrade a DV Vendor to a PO Vendor

Using Capital Object Codes on Financial Documents

Vendor Maintenance

Vendor Records

Vendor record types, searching for vendor records, creating vendor records.

Verifications of Employment

Video Tutorials

View Paycheck Online

View Payroll Year to Date Totals Online

Voucher Details - Departmental

Voucher FAQs

Listing of common questions from payroll processors regarding the payroll voucher.

What is KFS?

Who is my consultant?

list of industries, orgs, and their consultants

Wildcard Characters

Work Study

This page contains forms and instructions used for hiring/changing/terminating work study appointments.

Work Study Limit of Earnings

Working Outside Indiana

Working Outside US

Write Offs

Write-off timeline

Year End Reversion and Carryforward

Year-End Reporting

Year-to-Date Tax/Ded/Earn/Special Balances