Standard reports are static reports generated after the end of each month. These reports capture data for a given month and serve as snapshots of accounting activity at that point in time. Reports are generated for General Fund accounts with activity or non-General Fund accounts with a non-zero cash balance. They include such reports as:

  • Operating Statement
  • Accumulated Operating Statement
  • Transaction Listing
  • Labor Operating Detail

When are Reports Available?

Standard Reports will be made available within the first two business days following the end of a month. If for some reason reports are delayed beyond this a notification will be sent to the KFS-L listserv.

Email notifications are generated when reports are available. These notifications are sent to Account Fiscal Officers, Account Delegates (for document type KFS or ERD), Account Managers and Account Supervisors for any accounts for which reports were generated.

Where Can I Retrieve Standard Reports?

Standard Reports can be retrieved individually through the IUIE. They are located in the Master Catalog-->Kuali Financial-->General Ledger-->1st Day Standard Reports directory.

Or you may retrieve multiple reports for one or more accounts using the Account View option, also available in the IUIE under Master Catalog-->Kuali Financial. Account View allows you to retrieve reports using normal search criteria (such as Account Number or Organization Code) or reports for accounts on which you have a particular role (such as Fiscal Officer or Account Manager).