A large variety of financial reports are available in the IUIE. Knowing your way around can help you quickly find reports that address your needs. Kuali Financial System reports are available in IUIE and under the Kuali Financial folder. Inside that folder are a variety of sub-folders, explained below.

Account Management: The Account Management Reporting tool and documentation.
Accounts Receivable: Non-student Accounts Receivable information about invoices generated by IU and payments remitted to us.
Auxiliary: Data to support reporting auxiliary units.
Bursar Cashiering: Reports related to central bursar Cash Management Document activity.
Capital Asset Management System: Asset data and data related to the capitalization of equipment.
Chart of Accounts: Reports against KFS structural data elements, such as accounts, sub-accounts, object codes.
Contracts & Grants: Please use the reports under the Research Administration Folder in the Master Catalog.
Data Dictionary: No data at this time.
Departmental Resources: Various reports of interest to departmental users.
Endowment Match: Endowment data.
General Ledger:  General ledger entry and balance data.
Internal Reporting: No data at this time.
Labor: Labor ledger entry and balance data.
Payables Backoffice: Reporting internal to FMS Accounts Payable.
Predisbursement Processor: Payment and disbursement data from PDP.
Purchasing Backoffice: Reporting internal to the Office of Procurement Services.
Tax: Reporting internal to FMS Tax.
TOPS Data: Historical data from this previous purchasing system.
Transaction Processing: Data related to edoc processing in KFS and system access.
Travel: Reporting internal to FMS and Travel Management.
University Information Technology Services: No data at this time.