Getting accurate financial data easily and in a useful format is critical to successfully conducting the University’s business. Financial Management Services provides financial reporting data through both the Kuali Financial System (KFS) in the form of Balance Inquiries, and through the Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE) in the form of numerous on-demand reports as well as static monthly-generated Standard Reports.

Standard Reports Static reports that capture a snapshot of financial activity for a given month.
KFS Data in IUIE Learn how Kuali Financial System reports are organized in the IUIE.
Access IUIE Go directly to the Indiana University Information Environment.
Training Opportunities Financial Management Services offers training opportunities related to reporting.
IUIE Payroll Reports Listing of available payroll IUIE reports with descriptions of each report and instructions on how to run them.
Kuali Time Audit Recommendations Kuali Time IUIE report audit recommendations.
Kuali Time IUIE Reports Kuali Time list of IUIE reports with descriptions.