Voucher Frequently Asked Questions

How may I be granted access to payroll vouchers?

An IU employee needing access to HRMS to process payroll must complete the steps on this page in the order listed.

How do I look up voucher information?

Open the Payroll WorkCenter in One.IU. Current vouchers are available under "Faculty/Staff Vouchers" and "Hourly Vouchers," both in the bottom half of the left navigation. Historical voucher data is also available. To view closed vouchers from previous periods, click on "Historical Faculty/Staff Voucher" or "Historical Hourly Voucher."

Why do some temporary employees have multiple Week One and Week Two rows on my hourly payroll voucher?

The payroll voucher will create Week One and Week Two rows for each employee's job or pay rate. If an employee has more than one job or pay rate within your department, you will see a Week One and Week Two row, populated with data from Kuali Time, for each job or rate. You will not, however, see rows on your voucher for jobs your temporary employee works in other departments.

Why do my adjunct faculty members and graduate students have two rows on each voucher?

Adjunct faculty members and graduate students are on contract pay, which generates two rows in the HRMS voucher. The first row represents the staff member's job. No salary will be listed on the left side and the Other Earnings section should be blank. The second row contains the contract pay earn code (CRT/CRS) and payment amount.

Payroll processors must approve both lines. Approving both lines will not double-pay the employee.

What if I have already approved by voucher and a new appointment or job action comes through?

If new eDocs effective in the current pay period are saved in HRMS before the Job Pay Flag is turned off, previously balanced vouchers will become unbalanced. The "Approve All" button will no longer be checked on the "Pending Faculty/Staff Voucher" screen. Therefore, payroll processors must review and re-balance the voucher.

Why is there not a section for attendance leave balances on monthly staff vouchers?

Monthly staff use ePTO in One.IU to track leave balances (PTO, SCK, HOL, etc.). The ePTO system does not push data into HRMS. Learn more about ePTO by watching this ePTO Tutorial for Employees or this ePTO Tutorial for Supervisors.

I put OVT (overtime) in funding codes and accounts on an hourly voucher for a student employee. Why did the object code did not change from the regular hourly OVT object code?

The OVT object code will always show as the regular hourly OVT object code on the payroll voucher. Once the voucher is approved and payroll calculation commences, HRMS will verify that this employee is indeed enrolled and has the requisite number of enrollment hours to qualify for FICA exemption. Once HRMS verifies the employee's eligibility, the object code will change to the student OVT code. The student OVT code will book to the Labor Ledger.

How do I submit an adjustment voucher?

All adjustments for prior pay periods should be submitted on an adjustment voucher. Refer to the Electronic Adjustment Voucher Instructions for step-by-step guidance.

Do I need to print my vouchers? If so, how long must I save them?

No, there is no need for you to print your vouchers. The HRMS system archives all payroll and adjustment vouchers. In fact, because HRMS is a web-based application, it does not format vouchers for printing, so printing vouchers is not only unnecessary, but also not recommended.

What information is on the Fiscal Approvers' audit report in IUIE?

The Fiscal Approvers' Audit report includes the full accounting line (account, sub-account, object code, and sub-object code), employee name employee ID, gross dollar amount, total hours, the pay period ending date, the pay period run ID, the department code, the work area, and the pay group. This report is used to verify that payroll expenses for a specific payroll are appropriate for the account.

Access to the Fiscal Approvers' Audit report is established at the org-level in KFS. After each payroll process, an automated email is generated and sent to the appropriate Fiscal Approver(s) if activity was generated on that particular payroll.

Users with access to Departmental Payroll IUIE reports may extract the same results using the Fiscal Approvers (FA) datagroup. Follow these steps to request access to departmental payroll IUIE reports.