Payroll Standard Operating Procedure 8.0: Paycheck Reissue Process


Paycheck Reissue Process


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March, 2010

June, 2010
PSOP NO: 8.0

For employees who have not enrolled in direct deposit, the payroll department will issue a paper check for the employee's first paycheck. This procedure describes the process for replacing a check that is lost or stolen.

PSOP: Reissue Process
  1. For lost paychecks, the payroll department will initiate a check stop payment and reissuance at the request of the employee’s departmental or regional payroll office.
  2. Please advise the employee that once the reissue is initiated, the stop payment on the original check becomes effective immediately. If they find the original check, they will be unable to cash it. They must wait for the reissued check.
  3. The department or regional payroll office should use the online Cash Control Stop Payment and Reissue workflow to initiate the reissue.
  4. Once initiated, Cash Control will stop payment on the original paycheck effective immediately. They will request a reissue. Central payroll will reissue the check and it will be printed by the next day at the latest. The employee can elect to have the new check mailed to their home or pick it up at their campus payroll office. Depending on timing, the new check may take 2-3 business days to reissue.
  5. If the employee elects to pick up the check at their campus payroll office, please indicate that on Cash Control’s Stop/Reissue form. BL and IUPUI can print their reissues and make them available immediately.In the interest of fairness, Bloomington will FedEx checks to the other campuses for the time being if the employee elects to pick up their check. If this becomes too expensive, we will begin putting them in Campus Mail.

Several key points to communicate to the employee about the stop payment and reissue process:

  1. If a check is stopped and reissued and the original check is subsequently found, the employee will be unable to cash the original check. They must wait for the reissued check.
  2. The stop payment and reissue process can take 2-3 business days, therefore they will not have a new check immediately. 
  3. The employee can have the reissued check mailed to their home or pick it up in their campus payroll office.
See the following policies, 
Fiscal Officer's Procedures to Ensure Compliant, Accurate and Timely Payroll Processing: Payroll PSOP 1.0

Payroll Administration Policy IV - 30, Stop Payment and Reissue of University Payroll Checks: FIN-PAY-IV-30
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