Kuali Time FAQs

General Troubleshooting

One of my employees does not have an IU computing account. How can I help them establish one?

Refer them to the instructions in this article from the IU Knowledge Base.

One of my employees cannot log into Kuali Time. How can I fix that?

There could be many reasons that they cannot log into Kuali Time. First, make sure the employee has a valid Kuali Time assignment in your department. If they do and are still unable to log in, contact FMS Customer Service.

What operating system and web browser should I use to access Kuali Time?

Check the Kuali Time System Requirements page for the most current recommendations.

How can I find an employee's timesheet?

Under the "Approvals" or "Payroll Processor" tab, locate the filters at the top of the screen. If you have access to timesheets in multiple departments, select the employee's department from the "Department" dropdown.

Use the "Search By" dropdown to select the identifier you will search for.

Enter the employee's identifier in the "Value" field.

To find historical timesheets, navigate to the employee's current timesheet and use the "Pay Period" filter.

Why do some employees not show up in Kuali Time?

Employees are loaded into Kuali Time from the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) once they have an active Kuali Time job assignment. Assignments can be created when an employee is hired or after an employee is hired using the Maintain Time Assignment eDoc.

I am a Payroll Processor and I cannot see the approval button in my Action List. Why not?

Likely, the timesheet is not ready to approve. To find out why, click on the Document ID and open the timesheet. You should see an error explaining why the timesheet cannot yet be approved. If the error has been resolved and you still do not see the approval button in your Action List, contact FMS Customer Service.

When I open a timesheet, I get a warning that there are overlapping time blocks. What are overlapping time blocks, why do they occur, and how can I resolve the warning?

Conflicting time blocks occur when one or more time blocks overlap one another. For example, a time block conflict would occur when an employee has one block from 8 a.m.-11 a.m. and another block from 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. on the same day.

These conflicts often occur when a supervisor manually enters a time block on a timesheet while the employee is already clocked in. To resolve the conflict, delete or adjust the incorrect block(s).

When I open a timesheet, I get a warning that there are invalid time blocks. What are these?

The effective dating of eDocs occasionally allows employees to record hours for an assignment which is retroactively deleted. Once the assignment is deleted, all time blocks that occur after the effective date of the deletion will become invalid. To resolve the issue, associate the invalid blocks with a different assignment or delete the blocks altogether.

There are time blocks on an employee's timesheet that span a whole day or most of a day. Where did these come from?

Kuali Time automatically clocks out employees who have been clocked in at least 24 hours. This often occurs when an employee has clocked in and forgotten to clock out. This issue can be resolved in one of two ways. If the employee should have clocked out within the past 24 hours, you may ask them to submit a Missed Punch document to correct their clock-out time. Alternatively, you may need to contact the employee to find out what hours they actually worked and manually correct the time blocks involved.

One of my employees accidentally clocked into my department's work area instead of the work area for their other job. What should I do?

If the employee is currently clocked into the wrong assignment, tell them to continue working and then clock out as usual.

Once an incorrect time block has been recorded in Kuali Time, the employee can go to the Time Detail tab. They can find the time block that was incorrectly clocked and click on the underlined Assignment name. The Update Time Block box will open. Using the Assignment dropdown, they can select the correct assignment. They should then click Update.

If the employee asks you to correct the assignment, you will need to ask the other work area's supervisor or departmental payroll processor to add the hours to their work area. You can then delete the time from your work area.

Can I approve timesheets from home?

If your home computer meets the Kuali Time system specifications and you are able to Duo Authenticate from home, you can log into Kuali Time and perform any of the activities in Kuali Time that you would from campus.

Where can I find a report that lists all auto-approved timesheet with hours by pay period?

There is a Kuali Time report in IUIE that produces a list of timesheets with hours by pay period that have not been approved at either the supervisor or payroll processor levels. To run this report, follow the Auto Approved Timesheet Detail instructions on the FMS website.

What is the difference between Clock Entry (synchronous) and Manual Entry (asynchronous) recording of time worked?

In Kuali Time, there are two methods to record hours worked: Clock Entry (also called 'synchronous') and Manual Entry (also called 'asynchronous'). Clock Entry allows an employee to clock in and clock out in real time. Manual Entry allows an employee to record their hours on the Time Detail tab at the end of the day.

Temporary (hourly) positions on all IU campuses use the Clock Entry recording. Appointed Biweekly staff may use the Clock or Manual Entry method, depending on the campus of employment.

The Missed Punch button is available for Clock Entry employees to self-report a missed clock action. For example, if an employee forgets to clock in at the start of a work shift, they can submit a Missed Punch to record their clock-in at the correct time.

Note that Clock Entry users can only report "regular" hours worked using the Clock In, Clock Out, and Missed Punch buttons. All benefit hours must be manually entered on the Time Detail tab.

I receive a lot of emails about my Action List. How can I unsubscribe from this list?

The Action List shows all electronic documents that have routed to you for action. By default , the Action List sends users emails when a document (such as a timesheet) has reached their action list. If you would rather not see the emails sent from the Action List regarding your timesheet, set up a rule in Outlook so the emails bypass your inbox.

Kuali Time Kiosks

What is a Kuali Time kiosk and how do employees use it?

Some IU departments use Kuali Time kiosks, or computers dedicated to the Kuali Time system and equipped with card readers. Employees can swipe their ID card at the login screen. If they have card problems, they can click the button on the screen and log in with their username and passphrase.

Why can't an employee clock in using a Kuali Time kiosk?

First, make sure the employee has an IU computing account. If they do not have one, tell them to follow these instructions from the IU Knowledge Base.

Next, if the employee knows they have an IU computing account, make sure they are attempting to clock in with the correct IU username and passphrase. If they cannot remember their username or passphrase, contact the UITS Support Center.

If the problem persists, click the Feedback link and submit a problem report for further investigation.

How can I configure a card reader for a Kuali Time kiosk?

Read these step-by-step directions on the FMS website.

The Kuali Time kiosk is not working. What should I do?

Take each of the following steps in order until the problem is solved:

  • Press F5 to refresh web page.
  • Press ALT-F4 to shut down and restart the computer.
  • Press CTRL-ALT-DEL to reboot the kiosk.
  • Shutdown and restart the kiosk.
  • Notify your department's technical support for further assistance.

How can I contact Security Accounts?

Email secaccts@indiana.edu or call (812) 855-6789.