IUIE Access

An IUIE user who needs access to departmental payroll IUIE reports must complete the HRMS/IUIE User Access Request. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the HRMS/IUIE User Access Request page in a browser.
  2. From the "This request is to:" list, select "Modify an existing user's information."
  3. From the "What is the role to be modified?" list, select either "Fiscal Approver" or "Payroll Voucher Processor."
  4. Complete the from fields that display next. In the "What IUIE access do you require?" section, click on the box labeled "IUIE- Payroll Department Reports."
  5. In the comments section, type, "Adding IUIE reporting."
  6. Submit the form. The requestor will be notified when access is provisioned.