HRMS Pay Groups

Pay groups are payroll schedules and voucher groupings for different employee pay types. Below is a list of the various pay groups and their corresponding regular earning codes. For a complete list of pay groups, descriptions, and object codes, review the Pay Group Excel spreadsheet.

Paygroup Description Reg Earn Code
 A10  Academic 10 Pay  RGA
 A12  Academic 12 Pay  RGA
 AS0  Academic Student 10 Month  CRS
 AS2  Academic Student 12 Month  CRS
 BW1  Biweekly Staff  RGN
 BWP  Biweekly Professional Staff  RBP
 FEL  Fellowship  FEL
 FNR  Fellowship Nonresident Alien  FL5
 HRA  Temporary Americorps  RGH
 HRR  Temporary  RGH
 HRX  Temporary Appointed Stagehand  RGX
 HRP  Temporary with Retirement  RGP
 HRW  Temporary Workstudy  RGW
 RES  Resident/Appointees  RGR
 RET  Retirement - No Pay  NOP
 S10  Staff 10 Pay  REG
 S12  Staff 12 Pay  REG