Card Readers for Time Kiosks

To configure a USB Card Reader, follow the steps below.

Note: Card Reader technology changes frequently. Contact IU Purchasing to find out what technology is recommended for your kiosk.

Step 1: Convert USB Unit from Keyboard Emulation to HIB Mode

  1. Install this application (zip) from the MagTek web site on the computer that will be used as a kiosk.
  2. When prompted to install source code, choose no.
  3. Run the application with the USB card reader attached. The status bar at the bottom will say "detecting device" for a few moments. Once the device has been detected, it will report the device's mode (keyboard emulation or HID).
  4. If the device is in keyboard emulation mode, it will need to be converted to HID Mode. To do so, click on the Load File button. Then, double-click on the file Change to HID.txt file. The .txt file is in the MagTek application installation directory, often the "Magtek" directory under the "Program Files" directory.
  5. Click on the Download button on the top right or run the first two commands - 01 10 00, then 02 to rescan.

Step 2: Enabling Kiosk ActiveX

  1. Login as an administrator into the computer that will be used as a kiosk.
  2. Open Internet Explorer and go to the following URL:
  3. When prompted, prompted to download and install the corresponding ActiveX controller.
  4. Swipe your campus ID card. You should see some feedback on the screen. If you swipe the card of a current Kuali Time employee, their timesheet should display.

Step 3: Linking the New Kiosk Group Policy

  1. Create a new Organizational Unit (OU). If you have a heterogeneous environment with 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the browser, they must be in separate OUs.
  2. Link the OU to one of the following existing Group Policy Objects (GPO).
    1. For production 32-bit: bl-uits-tk-prod-usb-32-kiosk.
    2. For production 64-bit: bl-uits-tk-prod-usb-64-kiosk.
  3. Move the computer that will be used as a kiosk under this OU.
  4. Either wait for the GPO to be picked up or run the “gpupdate /force” command in the kiosk.
  5. When restarted, the computer should automatically open Internet Explorer and should redirect users to

Autologin User Warning

When removing or unlinking a GPO from an OU, the target machine sometimes will still boot into the autologin user. If this happens, run "control userpasswords2" on that machine and check the "Users must enter a username and password" checkbox in the "Advanced Tab > Manage Passwords" button.

Display Time Warning

The initial page uses the machine's local time for the clock display above the card unit icon. If your kiosk cluster is part of Active Directory, then the Primary Domain Controller should be set up to always have the proper time. Instructions are available on Microsoft's website.