Payroll Standard Operating Procedure 11.0: Overtime Policy - Special Exceptions

Subject: Overtime Policy - Special Exceptions

Source: Financial Management Services

Original Date of Issue: April 2012

Date of Revision: August 2017

Rationale: Compensation for overtime work for BW1 and BWP Staff.


BW1 and BWP Staff receive overtime compensation for hours worked in excess of 40 hours, or when the hours worked plus the hours clocked in six specific paid time off categories (listed below) exceed 40. Overtime compensation shall be at a time and one-half rate, either in the form of pay or as compensatory time off. Time worked in excess of the daily schedule will count as overtime only when the total time worked for the week exceeds 40 hours.

Hours applied to the following six categories of paid time off are also included in determining overtime eligibility in combination with hours actually worked:

  • Adverse Weather (WTH)
  • Adverse Working Conditions (ADW)
  • Emergency Rest Time (ERT)
  • Holiday (HOL, HOC, HOF, HOM, HTK, HFL, HFC, HFM)
  • Injury with Pay (INJ)
  • Union Business (UNB)

All other categories of paid time off, such as vacation, PTO, sick time, Income Protection, and compensatory time off, do not count toward the 40 hours used to determine if overtime pay is applicable in a given week.

In weeks in which an employee uses paid time off (e.g., vacation, sick, or PTO), the employee may work hours that do not qualify to be paid as overtime. These hours worked must be compensated at a straight time rate, either in the form of pay or as compensatory time off at the department’s choice. Two payroll codes have been developed for these hours:

  • NEP  Non-overtime eligible pay
  • NEC  Non-overtime eligible comp time (no pay)

Stagehand Union

Employees covered by the Stagehand union receive a time and one-half premium for the following situations:

  • Load-out (minimum: three hours)
  • Hours worked over 8 in a day
  • Hours worked between 12 am to 8 am
  • Hours worked on Sunday

Use one of the following codes on the payroll voucher for hours that meet the above special criteria. Stagehand union employees do not use Kuali Time, so enter the exact amount of hours worked on the payroll voucher.

  • SHP (Stagehand premium 1.5) for payment
  • CPP (NoPay – Call Back Premium Comp) to add hours to comp bank

Call Back Procedure

If employees are called back to work, they are guaranteed at least 2 or 3 hours of overtime pay based upon their salary plan per the UHRS premium pay policy. Use the following codes to override the regular overtime policy.

  • CAL (call back) for payment: 2 hours
  • CB3 (call back) for payment: 3 hours
  • CC2 (No pay – call back comp): 2 hours
  • CC3 (No pay – call back comp): 3 hours

If the employee is synchronously recording hours in Kuali Time (a.k.a., clock entry), Kuali Time will calculate the appropriate CAL, CB3, or CPP hours. If the employee is asynchronously recording hours in Kuali Time (a.k.a., manual entry), the Payroll Processor must calculate the appropriate hours to enter directly on the payroll voucher.

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Responsible Organization: Financial Management Services