Procedures and Policies

Payroll Standard Operating Procedures

PSOP 1.0: Fiscal Officer Responsibility

Outlines the Fiscal Officer's responsibility to ensure accurate and timely payroll processing within their department(s).

PSOP 2.0: Overpayment

Outlines the procedures for departments to follow when collecting and processing payroll overpayments.

PSOP 3.0: Payroll Procedures for Payments after Death

Outlines the procedures for departments to follow concerning the death of an employee.

PSOP 4.0: FLSA Overtime Calculations for Biweekly Payroll

Describes how to compute an estimate of overtime pay for situations in which multiple rates or bonus-type payments that will inflate the overtime rate are involved.

PSOP 5.0: Gross Up Process for Additional Pay Earnings

Describes how to process a one-time exact NET payment amount for an employee.

PSOP 6.0: Holidays - Recording Hours Worked

Outlines procedures for holiday processing for staff in BW1 and BWP Paygroups.

PSOP 7.0: Paycard Information

Describes how to provide an alternate method of payment for those individuals who do not/cannot receive their pay via direct deposit.

PSOP 8.0: Paycheck Reissue Process

Outlines the process for replacing a paper payroll check that is lost, stolen, or mutilated.

PSOP 9.0: Implementing IU's Policy on Mobile Plan and Device Allowance

Outlines the procedures for departments in the issuance of additional pay for an employee who uses a personal mobile plan and/or device for departmental business.

PSOP 10.0: Monthly Payroll Vouchers - Attendance Adjustments for NO PAY Hours

Explains how a Payroll Processor must adjust a payroll voucher when a monthly staff employee records a NO PAY earn code in ePTO.

PSOP 11.0: Overtime Policy - Special Exceptions

Describes compensation for overtime work for BW1 and BWP Staff.

PSOP 12.0: Termination Processing Procedures for Staff Employees

Describes how to process IU employee leave plans and benefits at time of termination or retirement.

PSOP 13.0: Military Time Off, Leaves, and FMLA Processing Procedures

Outlines procedures for processing military time off, leaves, and FMLA processing procedures.

PSOP 14.0: Recording Injury Hours in the ePTO and on the Monthly Voucher

Clarifies the appropriate use of injury earn codes on the monthly payroll voucher.

PSOP 15.0: Off-Cycle Processing Fees

Sets the fees associated with processing off-cycle payments and online checks.

PSOP 16.0: Departmental Retention/Destruction of Payroll Records

Defines requirements for the retention of certain payroll, deduction, and reporting records by units responsible for payroll functions.

PSOP 17.0: Establishing New Payroll Deductions

Defines the criteria which must be met to establish a new, voluntary payroll deduction.

PSOP 18.0: Refunds of Employee Non-Tax Payroll Deductions

Establishes guidelines for refunding employee non-tax payroll deductions.

PSOP 19.0: Release of Payroll Information & Employment Verifications

Establishes guidelines for the release of public payroll information and for the conduct of employment verifications.

PSOP 20.0: Changing Work Area Timekeeping Methods

Establishes a process for changing the timekeeping method of a work area.

PSOP 21.0: Calculating Partial Pay

Establishes a process for calculating partial pay.

PSOP 22.0:  Automatic Meal Periods

Establishes a process for creating automatic meal periods with the timekeeping system.

          PSOP 23.0:  Paycheck and Paycard Pick-Up

                      Establishes a procedure for picking up printed paychecks and paycards.

University Payroll and UHRS joint SOP: Managing Employees Working Outside of Indiana

Provides the protocol for managing employees that are based outside of Indiana.

Policies Related to Payroll

University-wide policies related to payroll and general finances are listed on the Indiana University Policies page.

FIN-PAY-001: Payroll Compliance

Requires compliance with payroll laws.

FIN-PAY-010: Segregation of Duties for Payroll Processing

Requires payroll processing staff not to be in a position to audit or verify payroll, or pick up paychecks.

FIN-PAY-020: Recording and Review Time Worked by Non-Exempt Employees

Requires non-exempt employees to accurately record their own time worked daily, at the end of the work day, and requires supervisors & payroll processors to review & approve time records before the records are submitted for payment.

FIN-PAY-030: Timing of Payments and Off-Cycle Payroll

Requires payments that missed the on-cycle payroll to be paid on the next available off-cycle payroll.

FIN-PAY-040: Payment Methods and Pay Advices

Requires employees to use direct deposit for payroll except in limited circumstances.

FIN-PAY-050: Payroll Overpayment Processing

Requires departments to attempt collection of all overpayments regardless of circumstance.

FIN-PAY-060: Release of Payroll Information and Employment Verifications

Requires providing employment and payroll information in response to requests for payroll information & employment verifications.