Kuali Time

Kuali Time is an automated 24/7 system for collecting time and attendance data for Indiana University's hourly and biweekly staff. Timesheet hours are reviewed, approved and electronically transmitted to the payroll system at the end of each biweekly pay period.

Kuali Time Access

  • Employees can get direct access to their current timesheet by entering time.iu.edu in the web browser address bar.
  • All Kuali Time users can access the the Kuali Time portal by searching for "Kuali Time" in One.IU.

Training Information for Users, Approvers, Payroll Processors and Department Administrators

Classroom training sessions for new Time Approvers and Payroll Processors will be scheduled soon. For current training, please review the FAQs, training webcast, or the video tutorials and documentation.

Timesheet Approver and Payroll Processor Information

Below is documentation and brief video tutorials for timesheet approvers and payroll processors.



Video Tutorials

Department Administrators and Payroll Manager Information

Below is documentation and brief video tutorials for department managers and payroll managers. The material below will assist with the functionality available to these staff:



Video Tutorials

Kuali Support

Questions or feedback about Kuali Time should be directed to FMS Customer Support

Kuali Time Training Webcast Recording


Special Sessions: Kuali Time for Supervisors