Work Study Limit of Earnings


This query produces a list of job and limit information for Work Study students.  It should be used to monitor earnings so they don’t exceed their limit for the current WS period (academic year or summer).


Master Catalog > Departmental Reporting > Payroll Reports - Departmental

Query Fields

  1. Pay Period End Date: Enter the Pay Period End Date of last BW payroll.
  2. Campus Code: Leave blank if you enter the department code below or enter your campus code.
  3. Department: Enter your department code or click the Valid Values button to select.
  4. Semester Begin Date: Enter the begin date for current WS period (example: Fall 2019 = 08/11/2019).
  5. Semester End Date: Leave blank so you can review end dates for accuracy.
  6. Work Study Group: Choose Undergrad.
  7. Include Labor Ledger Totals ?: By default, this box will be unchecked. Check this box to add Labor Ledger total amounts to the report.
  8. Include Labor Ledger Totals by Account? Click the box if you want to include totals in the output.
  9. Select Output Format: This will default to MS Excel (XLS), but you can change it to Word-RTF, which will produce a Word document that will have page breaks by department code.
  10. Select Output Destination: You should select Send Output to Completed Reports as this is a long-running report. 
  11. Click the RUN button.
Screenshot of IUIE Report fields