Voucher Details - Departmental 


This query provides hours and amounts by earn code by employee on current vouchers.  Can be used to help review and balance your payroll vouchers.

Query Fields

  1. Campus Code: Leave blank if you enter the department code below.
  2. RC Code: Leave blank for all 
  3. Department ID: Enter your campus-department code 
  4. Earn Code: Leave blank for all or click the Valid Values button to select from a list
  5. Paycheck Run ID: Enter the current Pay Run ID
  6. Employee ID: Leave blank for all or enter a specific ID. 
  7. Voucher Code: Leave blank for all or enter specific codes.
  8. Report Type: Click Employee to get the most details.
  9. Select Output Format: This will default to MS Excel (xlsx)
  10. Select Output Destination: You can wait for the output, it should run quickly.
Screenshot of IUIE Report fields