Additional Pay Detail - Dept


Additional Pay Detail – Dept:  This query can be used to create a list of all additional pay records for specific departments, specific dates, and specific earn codes (or reasons) for employees with active jobs.  Use the most common selection criteria to specify the exact group you want to select.


Master Catalog > Departmental Reporting > Payroll Reports - Departmental

Query Fields

  1. Addl Pay Department Id:  Enter your campus/department code
  2. Addl Pay Effective Date:  Enter the date to begin the range selection*
  3. Addl Pay End Date:  Enter the date to end the range selection. You can enter today’s date in both fields to find everything active as of today.
  4. Addl Pay Earn Code:  Leave blank for ALL or use the Valid Values button to select from a list.
  5. Addl Pay Reason Code: (warning: If you enter a specific reason, you may lose some of your records in the output).  Reason will be in spreadsheet and you can sort on that column if needed.
  6. Position Type Code: Leave blank for ALL or use the Valid Values button to select if you want to limit your output to specific groups.
  7. Employee Id: only enter for specific employees.
  8. Employee Status Codes: leave default A,L,P
  9. Select Output Format: This will default to MS Excel (xlsx).
  10. Select Output Destination: You should send this to completed reports.
  11. Click the RUN button.